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Michal Prokop: TWELVE

Twelve months, twelve short documentaries on a long way to success. Trainings. Races. Travelling. Life. This is TWELVE – a new project of the mountain biker and BMXer Michal Prokop. Not only by its coarse visual interpretation TWELVE picks up the threads of michal.prokop09 calendar, however it uses a wider potential of video technologies. Rob Trnka’s camera takes the past month of Michal Prokop, just as he has actually spent it. Without any adornments and planning. It doesn’t aim to […]

Neko Mulally (Audio Interview)

The 16 year old gravity rider from Reading in Pennsylvania has had an impressive year despite the fact that he’s not yet old enough to race World Cups; that will come next season. Most notably, at Whistler this year during the Crankworx events, and racing Pro Men, Neko finish 4th in the Dual Slalom (behind world class talents Kyle Strait, Brian Lopes and Johannes Fischbach), and then in the Canadian Open Downhill finished 5th, just seconds behind World Cup stars […]

Was BMX and MTB invented in Holland?

Seems quite a few folk, have been flapping, all over the world about the true origins of anything “off road” on a bicycle which can point to the origins of the sports of BMX and MTB. Our good friend and old drinking buddy Bart De Jong over at FatBmx has the proof! I think he has maybe hit the nail on the head with this little Dutch Classic. Decide what you want…but most of the wheels look bigger than 20 […]

Atherton Project Retrospective Ep. 1-5 (in HD)

In 2009 Team Animal Commencal set a task for the film maker, Clay Porter, to document their whole season; from the lows of Rachels season ending crash in training, to the highlight that is shopping with Stevie Bell. So in a tribute to the Atherton’s we thought we’d run the whole 10 episodes over 2 days…in what we could call “DWs Atherton Weekend!!” Enjoy them all in glorious HD….

Stompin’ Stu – The Story of BMX Legend Stu Thomsen

We all know that the roots of downhill are steeped in BMX nostalgia and well their’s nothing more nostalgic than watching Stu Thomsen ride a Redline on any race track from back in the ’80’s. In fact Stu Thomsen had probably won more bicycle races, before he was 20, than the the likes of Lance Armstrong will win in a lifetime (They raced about 45 weekends a year back then) So this is a movie produced by the guys who […]

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