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The North Face: Backpedal Messenger Bag & Tent Mules

The North Face always seem to have some interesting products geared at biking and are a slight change from the normal racing gear. This Bike Messenger bag (The Backpedal) has taken over from my well worn Da Kine backpack as laptop/camera/ MCN/ school gear bag and was a worthwhile change. Made from some of the hardest wearing fabric I’ve seen in a while (Think old Royal shorts that just seem to wear forever) it swallows everything in suitable pockets with […]

Nuke Proof – Reactor Eco headlamp

Well, it’s time for the light tests, we’ve got a few this winter and first up is the rather snazzy Reactor Eco, Nuke Proof’s attempt to impress at the lower end of the performance market. I say lower end because it’s reasonably priced at £199.99 so straight away, with their reputation already firmly cemented in various other cycle part and accessory areas, it looks like a great deal from a trusted company that already delivers well liked stuff……..or is it? […]


In the hype surrounding the launch of the Trek Session 88 at the beginning of the year you could almost be forgiven for forgetting that there were other bikes in the Trek range for the year. The 150mm travel Remedy sits between the Session and the Fuel EX Trail bike series, it is available in 3 flavours; the top of the range 9, midrange 8, which we have been testing here, and the entry level 7. Decked in Shimano XT […]

K9 Angle Reducer Cups

Having fitted the K9 reducer cups my first impression was an increased feeling of confidence on the bike. My initial few runs felt a little awkward: the front wheel was further ahead than I was used to and I ran too high on a berm and caught stumps/rocks that I thought I was turning inside of. The steering felt a little numbed, especially on flatter ground and tighter slower sections of trail. The front fork was not as responsive on […]

Oakley Jawbone

The Jawbone is the latest in a long line of kickass cycling glasses from the big O, it’s got some big predecessors to live up to. Fortunately for the purposes of a good review I happen to have some of these big predecessors in my glasses drawer, in the shape of the legendary Pro M Frame and the almost as legendary Racing Jacket. There are three big new bits of technology featured on the Jawbones. Firstly perhaps the best interchangeable […]

Orange Strange – A linkage bike from the Halifax Stable

Once fervent stalwarts of the single pivot bike, Orange are broadening their outlook and there are now numerous multi pivot bikes cropping up under the Orange decal. This bike is a take on the Orange Blood frame, but larger and meatier; a Blood on steroids. I guess it should be called the Orange E.P.O then? It arrived in full downhill guise, looking like a light, agile downhill bike. However I was re-assured that it could climb and would be more […]

Trek Session 88- Believe The Hype?

Depending on your point of view, the Trek Session 88 is one of the most eagerly anticipated or over hyped bikes of 2009, regardless of which side of that fence you are sitting on it is doubtless one of the biggest bike releases of this year as one of the behemoths of the Worldwide cycle industry decides its time to get serious about the World of DH racing again. This is not a first though, despite what you might have […]

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