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4 Skins Things

Skins as we all know are taking this compression thing very seriously with a range that’s expanding in size quicker than my middle age body. We were lucky enough to get to sample some of their latest wares…here’s the round up of our time with the following items of Skins…all 4 of them. Cycle Pro Men’s Long Sleeve Jersey Not exactly a downhill top but if you need an summer xc or even road top then look no further. If […]

Specialized 2011 Long Travel Launch

Is there a better place to unveil your new product line than at the mecca of mountain biking, Whistler Canada? Is there a better time to do it than during Crankworx, probably the biggest mountain bike festival in the world? The answer to both these questions is undoubtedly “No” and I was lucky enough to have been invited by Specialized to the launch of their 2011 Long Travel line up during the Crankworx festival. For Decent World readers the two […]

5 Mins with Darren Berrecloth

Darren should need no introduction but for anyone who does’t know he is a free-ride pioneer, bike handler extraordinaire and is one of the riders who made doing tricks on a mountain bike look better than good. DW: Darren, how is Crankworx going for you this year so far? DB: It?s been pretty good, the scene here is sweet, there was some rain earlier in the week so the trails are super good right now. Everybody has been having fun […]

Safe As Part 1- Asgard Secure Bike Storage

Sadly one of the most discussed topics on ours, and many other bike forums is that of bike theft. Unsurprisingly theft is worst in city centre areas, just where space is at a premium; flat living with no garage access hardly makes secure storage easy. So we are on a mission to help you keep your bike secure, over the next couple of articles we will look at keeping your pride and joy safe from tea leafs. First up, where […]

SKINS C400 Men’s Compression Bib Shorts

Mid ‘first’ week of the 2010 Tour de France and it’s been a feast of ripped Lycra as the top roadies in the world, slide backwards into the hedge, topped with road rash a plenty. That’s one of the reasons that Lycra was a complete “Marmite” thing with downhiller’s. We simply didn’t trust it to protect us as we slid through the tundra. That’s not to say that the sport hasn’t seen it’s fair share of Lycra. In fact some […]

2010 Transition Double

It is no surprise why short travel suspension bikes are so popular since they are probably the most fun bikes to ride. They give you that feeling of being on a hardtail but with enough suspension to smooth things out and let you preload jumps like on your big bike. For the new Double we added some features in our quest to create the cleanest most solid short travel full suspension bike on the market. Our custom formed tubset designed […]

Transition Revolution

Our wheelsets have been extremely poplular for us which is why we offer a ton of different options. For 2010 we decided to divide our wheelsets into 3 catagories depending on your riding style. Revolution wheelsets are now available as 25, 28 and 32 versions. The number corresponds to the width of the rim and also the type of use the wheel is intended for. Wheelsets are all available in two color styles, black and white and we will also […]

Lapping It Up

Lapierre Spicy 316 Test – Winter brought me a few good things this year, lots of snow, a new house and a Lapierre Spicy 316, which was hot enough to see me through to spring. Downhill gave way to Big Mountain, single ring to triple and something called a front shifter which magically moves the chain from a big cog to a smaller one and back again all combined in a fully suspended package to tempt you into going fast […]

Special Trek Deals

The suns out the snows gone and the trails are looking sweet again so you’re thinking about buying yourself a new bike, well pop into Alpinebikes at Innerleithen and take up their extra special Demo day deal. Demo price for the day is normally £50, but until the 22nd of April you can hire any of the following bikes for £25 a day. So if you’re here for the uplift weekend why not pick up the phone and give the […]

Hanger Banger?

It took me a while to realise that spare rear drop-outs and mech hangers are a necessity in everyone’s toolbox. A couple of years ago I ripped a caliper mount off a frame, being in France at the time and with no way of getting a spare anywhere near me, I had to resort to a borrowed bike…not something I wanted but I learnt a valuable lesson that trip. So why am I whittling on about mech hangers for? Well […]

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