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Awesomeness!! Ohyeahandbikes

Supercross, something closer to my heart than I’d admit to my wife on Valentines Day. So when me old mucker, Paul Bliss fired over his sweet Supercross slideshow to share with you all, I was made up. It looks sweeet! Awesomeness…is that even a word? If not then I’ll just use Paul Bliss…just make sure you view with full screen set on your browser. Happy Valentines Day Supercross Lovers!! Click the image below…

GoPro Hero HD

Head cameras come in all shapes and sizes nowadays but back when I was filming a lot, the bullet cam attached via battery and av cables to your ‘AV in” enabled camcorder was dirigour for the film maker then. How things have changed! A few years back a little camera was introduced which seemed to me at the time a little gimmicky. Then mounted via a wrist strap…I couldn’t see the use for downhiller’s or riders as the movement would […]

Alpine Bikes Winter Series Rd 1, Innerleithen

This weekend was to see the first round of the Alpine Bikes Winter Series but due to the weather, the frost that is, and not the huge amounts of snow that was still around a week ago, still piled high in the car park courtesy of the council. This year also saw Mike Marsden from Borderline Events come on board with I-Cycles Steve Deas, Mike was the man to organise things and Steve was to use his legendary track building […]

The Red Bulletin

Even with the abundance of images, words and comment that now proliferates the world wide web concerning downhill mountain biking, motocross and action sports in general, I still believe there is nothing better than a good magazine. One magazine that has surprised me in its content, production and integrity is from the energy drink giant Redbull. Believe me, I wanted to hate it as a panflet, fanzine or advert for a drink that offers nothing but cavities, filled with back […]

Geoff Waugh – He’s a rite Ol’Bastard!

I first met Geoff back in the early nineties, he used to race downhill then; mounted on one of the first Foes Racing frames in the UK, he could pin it with the best of them. Then somehow he got all mixed up with this whole damn press circus thing, then he won a few awards, almost fell out the back of a C130 shooting paratroopers and now he’s started to relive his past. Must be his mid life crisis.. […]

NPS Final Final – Rheola, South Wales

What a dry Rheola! I know it seems like madness, but this weekend’s final of the NPS race series in South Wales saw just that. For once though the weather was good, so good in fact they took some of the bridges out on the track as the bogs they once crossed have dried up and the ground wasn’t eating your tyres all the way down. Sure there were still some tacky bits but times where a lot lower than […]

Sven Martin – Photographer Focus

DW: Who is Sven Martin? SVEN: A South African Mountain bike rider and photographer soon to be American living in Oregon but moving soon to Santa Cruz, Australia or New Zealand. Bikes, sun, mountains, forests and beaches all rate high in our (my wife Anka) lives. DW: What first inspired you to pick up the camera and start shooting? SVEN: When I was a kid, as a family we used to go travelling and camping a lot on school holidays, […]

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