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Break the Cycle – The Irish Downhill Lifestyle

Our copy arrived yesterday and I’ve watched it, oh about 5 or 6 times already. If you have a bit of craic with the Irish lads when they over here racing, then you’ll know a few of the faces already. Ben Reid, Glynn O’Brien, Colin Ross, Meave Baxter, Greg O’Keefe, Ewan Doherty and many more. Watch these guys rip at their local trails, which look mint by the way, it’ll have you’ll be booking a ferry for the emerald isle […]

Nuke Proof – Reactor Eco headlamp

Well, it’s time for the light tests, we’ve got a few this winter and first up is the rather snazzy Reactor Eco, Nuke Proof’s attempt to impress at the lower end of the performance market. I say lower end because it’s reasonably priced at £199.99 so straight away, with their reputation already firmly cemented in various other cycle part and accessory areas, it looks like a great deal from a trusted company that already delivers well liked stuff……..or is it? […]

Geoff Waugh – He’s a rite Ol’Bastard!

I first met Geoff back in the early nineties, he used to race downhill then; mounted on one of the first Foes Racing frames in the UK, he could pin it with the best of them. Then somehow he got all mixed up with this whole damn press circus thing, then he won a few awards, almost fell out the back of a C130 shooting paratroopers and now he’s started to relive his past. Must be his mid life crisis.. […]

Air Maiden – For the Ladies who Freeride

It’s a Saturday morning at 9.00 am and although a bit on the cold side, the weather is dry and there’s hardly a breath of wind, so pretty much perfect conditions – a good start indeed.  This was year two of Air Maiden and even though 2008 was a great success it’s always a bit nerve wracking to see if everyone was telling the truth when they said they couldn’t wait to come back again. Well we needn’t have worried, […]

Trans Provence 2009

Before we go any further, let’s get the numbers out the road. The Trans Provence is a 7 day 25 timed-stage race, over 320 km with 9500 metres of climbing and 15200 metres of vertical descent. Basically – this is a big event! Being touted as the definitive all-mountain event, the Trans Provence requires its competitors to be fit and technically proficient – this was NOT going to be a quick blast round Glentress. 2009 is the first year the […]

Atherton Project Retrospective Ep. 1-5 (in HD)

In 2009 Team Animal Commencal set a task for the film maker, Clay Porter, to document their whole season; from the lows of Rachels season ending crash in training, to the highlight that is shopping with Stevie Bell. So in a tribute to the Atherton’s we thought we’d run the whole 10 episodes over 2 days…in what we could call “DWs Atherton Weekend!!” Enjoy them all in glorious HD….

Neil Donoghue and his 2009…

We caught up with Neil “Donny” Donoghue to ask what happened to his 2009. With rumours and speculation about what one of the UK’s fastest downhill riders floating around the internet and race scene we thought it’s best coming from the horses mouth. So we cornered Neil and set about him… AM – Where have you been this season – why weren’t you competing the world cup and national series? I started out with the new team with the intentions […]

Lets get a move on…

It weird to think that some folk haven’t seen this document which details the plan of the Innerleithen Chairlift Project. However the fact is that this study was done almost 3 years ago and set a time-scale for the whole project to start in 2009 and to be operational in 2010. So what happened, was it sidetracked to enable the development of the new FC offices at Glentress? I honestly don’t know…but I do know one thing, the locals are […]

NPS Final Final – Rheola, South Wales

What a dry Rheola! I know it seems like madness, but this weekend’s final of the NPS race series in South Wales saw just that. For once though the weather was good, so good in fact they took some of the bridges out on the track as the bogs they once crossed have dried up and the ground wasn’t eating your tyres all the way down. Sure there were still some tacky bits but times where a lot lower than […]

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