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About descent-world

Chief Editor/Photographer – Tommy Wilkinson
Senior Editor/Photographer – Ian Linton –
Founder/Backend – Jon Beckett –

Founded in the mid ’90s, Descent World was one of the World’s first specialist downhill mountain bike websites. Today we are proud to still be one of the UK’s premiere mountain bike sites, unlike many of our competitor sites, we are independently run with a burning passion for anything biking.

Tommy Wilkinson is chief editor, with his passion for both the sport and photography, Tommy has injected both attributes into the pages he now oversees for descent-world. Injury may have restricted his racing these days but thanks to a recent new NotBroken brace, we’re expecting him to be riding even more.

Ian Linton has been an integral part of the descent-world family for many years, he’s now established as one of the best Photog’s in the UK. He can ride too and is often seen up high on the Minch with a pocket wizard taped to his bars.
A man of many talents, of course non that we have seen yet except for his photography ;> Ian is the man when it comes to race photos, you’ll see him at virtually every race with his trusty Canon 1D cocked and ready…and then you can browse through them all at

Ian Linton - pocket-wizard in hand taking a selfie

Ian Linton – pocket-wizard in hand taking a selfie

Jon Beckett raced BMX since 1979 and DH for more years than he would like to admit, he was a little fed up with the lack of action in the mainstream mtb press back then, so he then decided to start doing web based reports and results for many of the UK regional DH series. descent-world has no doubt been one of the best independently run websites in the UK, since ’96.

Innerleithen 2013 Photo: Keith Valentine

Innerleithen Photo: Keith Valentine

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