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Battle Royal 2005
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Reportage 2005
Dragon DH Abercarn
BC NPS Caersws
SDA Final Pitfichie
Midland Champs
Dragon Cwncarn
BC NPS Rd 5 Rheola
SDA Rd4 Dunkeld
BC NPS 4x Portreath
Zeal Irish NPS Rd 5
Moelfre BC NPS DH
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Reportage 2004
Horton Hill 4X Final
NPS Final Caersws
Dragon Wentwood
SDA Final Fort Bill
BC NPS #4 Coombe
Irish NPS Rd 4
Irish NPS Rd 3
Dragon 8&9 Gethin
Scottish Champs
English Champs
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PDF Results 2005
SDA 5 Pitfichie
SDA 4 Dunkeld
SDA Champs F Bill
SDA 3 Strathrye
NPS05 Fort William
SDA 2 Innerleithen
NPS05 Rd2 Cwmcarn
SDA Rd 1 Ae
NPS05 Rd1 Ae
WWW Round 3
WWW Round 2
WWW Round 1
PDF Results 2004
SDA Champs Inners
BC Nat Champs '04
SDA Pitifichie Rd4
SDA AeForest Rd3
SDA Dunkeld Rd2
SDA Moy Rd1
WWW Round 3
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Battle Royal....After another great year of Downhilling comes to a close it’s that special time when we think about celebrating the years antics. For 99% of us it’s all for fun, for those who this is a job, like Steve Peat it’s a business. This year he’s had some injuries which have stopped him performing to his best. It was only at the end of the season when it all came together and look at that monumental time at Fort Bill that for those who were there, will be an ever lasting memory.. Ladies and Gentlemen, join with me to celebrate “The Royal Race Day” ... more
Dragon DH: Abercarn...It was dark when my alarm went crazy at 6.30am Saturday morning. Winter's almost here but the Dragons weren't quite done yet. Last time I raced at Abercarn was at the National a few years back. A pretty short track that people think is easy just cos there’s nothing super gnarly on it. Yeah, easy to ride pretty fast and have fun on, but not so easy to win on cos everyone else is doing the same. The times were super close with 5 of the top six overall on Saturday on the same second! The short uplift to the top dropped us a mere 100yds from the start ... more
Interview: Brendan Fairclough...If you haven't heard of Brendan Fairclough before 2005, you will have by me this guy is on the brink of great things. Heck! He has already done great things...Silver medal at the Junior World Champs in Livingo and just a couple of weeks before that, he scored his first World Cup podium (3rd place) at Pila. Born and bred in the deepest south of England far away from any mountains, Brendan has climbed the ranks of the UK, then the worlds, downhill scene...hear now what the man himself has to say ... more
Cowan's Jump Jam...The UK contingent were Lance McDermott, Grant and Ollie Fielder, Chris Smith and Danielle (Ollie’s bird) who kindly loaned me OK and Heat mag so I could catch up on the goss. Many Thanks luv…A select few spectators, maybe only 30 or so, along with several of the Worlds leading media houses. Didn't see anyone there from Southern downhill though?? A good hour went down and the trails were sessioned and lines were learned.. Everyone struggled by either over jumping or coming up short ... more
Interbike, Las Vegas Day by Day...Finally the big b4st4rd landed after 'umpteen hours and no thanks to those guys at even had to buy another ticket, I hope they give me a refund. ANYWAY, Viva Las Vegas and the real King has landed. I'm here in the worst place on Earth. At least everything that’s bad about America is condensed into one City. That is apart from once a year when anyone that’s anyone in the 20, 24 and 26" World is here at Interbike. Welcome to Vegas kids ... more
BC NPS Final, Caersws...Last weekend we wrapped up a great season of National racing that really has put the UK on the DH map. The quality of our riders is awesome and if you look at the World Cup rankings you'll see what I mean. With this being the final round, rankings and points meant a closer finish than ever and with some big dollars up for grabs, the pressure was on. Landing Friday night in an already packed field the Descent-World Sprinter squeezed in opposite the finish line and set up shop.. Sat am saw clear blue skies and frost on every car window, the 1st of the year! So to see who overcooked it and who simmered, press this hot button here ... more
SDA Final, Pitfichie...Pitfichie forest in Aberdeen played host to the season closer of another fantastic SDA season with a full field of 250 riders making the Trek north for the last chance to race before the nights close in. The course stayed relatively unchanged from last year with a bit of tweaking and tidying up around the soft spots to help protect it from the inevitable North East drizzle. Starting up top on Pitfichie hill the course dropped fast through the heather and over some of the local granite on the remains of an old landrover track. On entering the trees you could either launch the step down on the left ... more
Midland Championships...Yam oar rite our kid? They say the Birmingham accent is the worst in the country and makes you sound thick as pig sh1t. What I will say is that if you live near Birmingham you are centrally located in the country to so many DH courses, all within 90minutes drive of your garage door. Thus meaning when it comes to racing the Midlands Series you've gotta get your entries in early! This time of year it's Regional Champs time and along with the "Double Points" chasers, if your postcodes within an hour of Birmingham, you can go for the glory of "Midlands Champ" on your C.V. To see who'll be celebrating with a Balti, read here ... more
Fort William Day Three...It threatened this morning but finally the rain came, 15 minutes before the start of DH finals it started, not a downpour but a traditional Scottish drizzle, awesome! It was Southerndownhills Caroline Mackinlay who started everything off and as soon as she was out of the start gate you knew things were kicking off, despite the weather the hill was packed and going mental, cow bells, horns, makeshift shakers, drunk Australians, you name it and it was there, I am sure I even heard a police siren in the woods. At some points of the day the queue to get up on the gondola was estimated to be an hour long [Gallery Added] ... more

Fort William Day Two...Saturday morning and despite the most pessimistic of forecasts the rain is still holding off!There was a couple of hours DH practice from half eight with plenty of early birds up on the course to catch the action, everything ran smoothly for the main players, Minnaar and Pete were practicing together while Chris Kovarik seems to be doing as he has all weekend and keeping himself to himself, possibly a dark horse for Sundays final? One piece of news that we seem to have missed out on so far is that Junior Worlds silver medalist Scarlett Hagen had a fall in Thursday practice and shattered her arm [Gallery Added] ... more

Eurofighter Part 5 - The Final Word?...It feels as though you have just settled in, got to know the other locals, found your favourite trails- and then the end of August is here and it is time to pack it all up again! The second half of August means a gradual wind down of riders coming into town on holiday. This brings with it the bonus of less riders on the trails, but the main tracks are really starting to show signs of wear and tear- the choice you have to make for a late season holiday. The North Shore trails over towards Chatel are STILL sprouting new lines- a new rickety suspension ... more
Fort William Day One...In the absence of the boss it is down to me, the Tenacious Doug, to keep you all updated on the goings on at the Fort this weekend, Mr Linton is floating around somewhere so I am sure you will be getting some proper snaps at some point soon, for now you will have to put up with the finest camera Dixons can sell you for under £100. Internet connection is a little patchy just now but we hear the satellite is being tweaked.Thankfully things have stayed dry here today, with enough wind to keep the midges at bay, except for the most sheltered of spots where Avon skin so soft did a fine job. The village is pretty much all set up now [Gallery Added] ... more

Nema International 2006...Not long ago, well over 10 years to be exact, a little know company out of California merged, then the scourge of mountain biking, the cycling short with a baggy short. Since then Nema have been defining their own path in the world of riding apparel design and fashion. Many other companies have followed their lead and we have decent clothing to wear every ride. Stu Fingerhut recently sent us some sample 2006 wears...If you're of Scottish decent, I'd get you order in now as Nema's Crown range is taking more than a few design cues from Scotland ... more

Superfly's September Produce...Da Fly guides you through his wears in his own unique style. Pardon his French and Latin as he unloads his P's & Q's. Check out the produce from Pendle, Kryptonite, Troy Lee Designs, Fenwick's, Ezekiel, Stussy, Maxxis, Spy and Flow Bikes. A veritable range of products rarely seen elsewhere in the downhill world. I quote.."You can slide using allen keys the wheel slots along their length as well as moving and sliding the upright poles as well as angling them etc..." ... more
Dragon Downhill...Cwmcarn! With the chance of actually getting to ride this course unlike at the Nationals in the mud, I like many jumped at the chance of getting a few spins down this mega course. Good news was the sun had shone all week and best of all, there was a Dragon Race on there! The word "Bonzai" springs to mind...Brendan B takes up the story...It was early Saturday morning when we rolled through the small Welsh village of Cwmcarn for rounds 8 and 9 of the Dragon Downhill series, eager to ride one of the most anticipated tracks of the year ... more
Tested: Orange's New 224...When we get a chance to run a test on one of the hotly anticipated bikes of the year you know we'll get it done first, so anticipated that we had 2 offers of a bike test!!...With a bike that's so hot, that the welding was still cooling down, we asked it's owner, RAW's Mr. Adam Proctor, if we could have a few thoughts on how this bike rode during a week in the Alps, Adam duly obliged...The first real outing with the 224 after the 18 months on a 223 was a week in Morzine. If any where was going to test and find out the differences, this was going to be the place ... more
Barel Roll...Fabien Barel (Fra) makes it 2 in a row with his second Rainbow jersey after his winning ride at the World Championships in Livingo, Italy. Barel is now the first man to win 2 World Championships back to back since Nicolas Vouilloz, that other frenchman. Aussie Sam Hill was second with Greg Minnaar in third...that's the same podium guys as last year! Steve Peat and Gee Atherton finished 4th and 5th respectfully...showing that we still have riders capable of taking that title someday! The women's competition was won by Anne Caroline Chausson, having missed last years competition due injury, Anne-Caro hit back with a dominating win, Sabrina Jonnier rolled in second with Emmeline Ragot in third making it a French 1,2,3. The juniors provided some GB medals with Rachel Atherton winning her category and the Rainbow jersey! Well done Rach, you go girl! Rachel finished ahead of last year winner, Kiwi Scarlet Hagen and Canada's Micayla Gatto. In the Junior Men's Scotlands favorite, Ben Cathro broke his hand in practice and failed to run but hot favorite for the title, Brendan Fairclough, brought home the silver medal behind Ausssie Ripper, with the french sounding Vauxhall name, Amiel Cavalier. Third place went to another Aussie, Liam Panozzo. In the 4x is was the USA all the way with Brian Lopes and Jill Kitner taking their respective titles ... Full Results
Ding, Ding Round FIVE! (not that old chestnut! Ed)...The NPS rolled into Rheola, just up from Swansea last Bank Holiday weekend. Meaning a haul of a trip for our Scottish brothers as well as anyone North of Madchester. 21:00 and the heavens have opened and the Macky Dees just 1 mile from the race village fills up with hungry racers. 21:30 and it's been pitch black for some 40mins and as we turn up at the dismal pitts (all under inches of mud and puddles), theres several fools making their way down the track, unreal! It's time to go racing! ... more

30 Days hath September...Okay so the seasons drawing to a close and your thinking of other things...back to Uni, long winter nights, the world cup next weekend...hold on next weekend! Wow has this season went fast...but nevertheless the product just keeps pouring into HQ, this month we have Fox, Fox, Morewood, Avon, THE, Gator and ODI. Stuff we think you'll be interest in and with Eurobike and Interbike around the corner next month. It's going to get even more silly ... more

Eurofighting Pt 4...As I sit here, ice pack on my knee, everyone is out on the trails having fun and will no doubt tell me all about it when they come back later…The harsh reality of injuries. Last week I was out riding with Kiwi racer Jenna after her 2nd place at the Maxxis (and just before her win last weekend). This lass rips- and I don’t mean rips for a bird…she’s quick. We were on a trail that skirts around a steep part of the mountain in Les Gets when I got flicked off the bike and about 25 feet down a steep bank into some tress twisting my knee in the process and losing most of the skin on my arm! ... more
Bike Test: Santa Cruz V-10...O.K so your working your butt off and saving every penny to buy your dream ride.. Unlike all the others out there we don't do a bike test then follow it up with a request for advertising.. Would that mean we'd have to write a good review. I guess so..?? Here at Descent-World you know if we give you duff info you'll end up seeing us at the next race and verbaling us! Therefore we can't afford to blag you ... more

SDA Dunkeld...Some things never cease to amaze me; I mean take Dunkeld, one of the ultimate natural courses in Scotland. Discovered almost 4 years ago by Peter Pollock, Dunkeld has now entered legendary status. The course itself hasn’t changed much in the past few years, a few tweaks here and there keep the riders guessing as to which way the SDA is swinging come race time, this time was no different. With Craig Phillips’ Dunkeld Uplift Service having just started earlier this year, it’s made Dunkeld a hell of a lot more accessible to the down hilling masses and therefore a little more worn or bedded in ... more

Interview: Shanaze Reade...This for many of you will be your first introduction to me, a Seventeen year old girl from Crewe, England who races BMX and in time, will dominate MTB 4x. After reading this interview, you should have a better understanding of me as a person. I hope you will all think of me as a badass chick who kicks guys butts on the track. Then outside of the sport, I’m a real girly girly. I'm 100% focused and dedicated and that will lead me to win Gold in the 2008 Olympics! Descent-World invites you to meet Shanaze Reade ... more

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