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Easy Sunnyside! Big up the only 18-30s campsite in Newquay! Lets sort this now.. If there’s a NPS 4x at DBS in Portreath next year, there’s no reason why there shouldn't be! If you want the time of your life then do this..

Head down to Newquay on the Thursday morning and stop at Sunnyside, its a 20mins drive from the town.. Stay 3 nights (more than enough) then head off Sunday am to the race, still smashed!

This weekend we smoked it, let me give you a quick run down, also note the Reef Surf Masters World Tour was on in town and what you can get up to..

Ahhh....Newquay! [foto: C.Hidalgo]
Beaumont & Longden
pinkbike dot com?
Fast & Funn
Oggy vs Longden
Oggy and Ferris


AM - Hit beach watch Dude surfers and loadsa birds pm - Free skate session at Wooden Waves Skate Park near the Zoo before the Vans demo skate tour turns up.

Night - Beach Night Club, get smashed, every girl by end of the night now has a Maxxis Sticker on them and pull slag’s..


AM - Know Anna Collins one of the twins who rides? She only works for Elton John and sorted us tickets for James Blunt Radio gig up and close.

PM - Eye up the ladies on the beach.

EVE - Anna Collins also sorts us VIP Backstage tickets to Blunts concert that night, good girl xxx.

Night - Sailors Night Club, get smashed, every girl by end of the night now has a Maxxis Sticker on them and pull slag’s..


AM - Sleep

PM - Land at DBS track, gate practice, learn track, kick back and watch the Funn King of Dirt.

Eve - Listen to Judge Jules on the beach and chat to the guys from "Dirty Sanchez".

Night - Berties Night Club, get smashed, every girl by end of the night now has a Maxxis Sticker on them and pull slag’s..


Crawl outta Descent-Gear Team Truck at Sunnyside, go racing!!

Forget the holiday what about this place??

1x Foam Pit with 5ft high launch ramp. The copings made of rubber, and a life guard hooks you and your bike out. Just be advised foam pits are more dangerous than you think. Full face is recommended because in time, there'll be many a broken tooth at the bottom.

1x Trampoline with padded "Trampoline BMX" for impressing the crowds with many tail whip and bar spin variations!

1x Trick set of trails. Three lines, all riding, varied hips and big landings.. Nothing to big, quite steep though and up you went.. Shame the last 15mins of the Dirt jumping got rained on Sat evening..

1x 4x Track, YES!
A medium sized start hill quickly threw you into a long rolling set of whoops. Those on the inside commanded this race as they never touched the berm before we hit the tall but short step up, landing the backside on your back wheel as your front landed on the flat bottom some feet away.. (Make it longer as my bird would say).

A quick pedal and an awkward step up onto a flat (slump) table with small doubles at the end.. Jump those end puppies and 95% manualled the next ones, just no speed..

Then trouble, a huge berm with a large mound sticking out some 1/2 way around. Think Leamington last corner just bigger and better. With strategic flag placement we could have seen riders swapping places here diving from all angles. This time everyone dived the inside then cranked it hard launching the whoop into the bomb hole, or should I say crater? This was a monster, launch the whoop and pump it into this 8ft deep HOLE and pump up and out as you launched the massive step up, out, some 6ft high and a fair few feet away!

Round the berm or the DHers amongst us cut this sharp and gained valuable places.. Mint. A nice bit of track play next, an offset set of 4whoops. The left side started level with the 2nd one on the right half side of the track. Dan Yeomans for a young gun understands lines too well, cutting these diagonally everyone soon followed his suit..

This allowed you to out the last berm.. Hitting the tall and short doubles keeping it low. Then crank it hard, spin those legs faster than the tumble drier on 14k rpm. Pull up, up and case the landing.. They weren't actually that big, it was just the wind!

What was so good about this event?

- The Racing started on time and the sun shone all day.
- Over 1,000 spectators.
- I commentated for most part in-between racing, just ask anyone who was there.
- No injuries, well no major ones..
- The nail biting finish for the Elites.
- Prize giving, loads hung around.
- Beer tent with lager on tap.
- Traditional Cornish pasties (none of that Ginsters crap).
- Locals, riders and spectators, everyone friendly and trusting, I left my gear lying around for hours!
- DMR crew lead by Ian.
- Loads went to Portreath Beach after the proceedings to chill out and avoid the traffic. We headed back to Nookie for Dave Pearce and Dance Anthems, LFO by LFO..

Even if your not in Newquay for the Surf Champs, head down here! Also note Mt Hawk Skate park is but a stones throw away.. 10mins max!

Laurie Yeomans
Oxfam loading food parcels for Ethiopia? No, foam for the pit!
Four Times Tables

National No6 Results..

12-15 Novice
Martyn Wetheralt
Dale Russell
Sam Coleman

16+ Novice / Trophy Hunters
Brown who used to rip on the Yeti 9 Shrewsbury was chasing here, 1st Moto the commentator verbaled him silly, he then pulled his finger out and lead the way.
"Jasper Flashman" that’s a real Porn Star/Rock Star name ain't it?
Dan Brown
Jasper Flashman
Lee Feery

Kerrs off to France this week for some DH practice, and searching for back flip foam pits.. Roberts been following big Bro everywhere.. More podiums next year?
Will Kerr beat Hart in 06? We'll see..
Bernard Kerr
Alex Godbold
Scott Roberts

Dowie is the complete all rounder, Park, Street, Trails and 4x, and it shoes. Just imagine if he only concentrated on racing?
Tom Dowie
Matt Waterson
Nicholas Heron

Roberts wins the Revell frame! Fix? Well he is the son of Chris Roberts the Race Director! No not at all, Revell Bikes have donated a frame at every race. Each round a different category wins, this time the seniors!
David Roberts
Tom Burch
James Wilson

Yeomans wins here o take her Pink Revell to the podium. One admirer whose identiti will remain undercover, admired from afar..
Laurie Yeomans
Laura Thomas

White on the Intense Tazer leads the finals to the last corner, victory insight after those big last doubles! Screamed I did into the MIC for him to roll them and not jump them. He's forever nose diving on that bike and crashing his brains out. Great to see him stay on and win!
Lee White
Richard Payne
Ryan Poolman

Howarth’s bruise on his right leg was awesome, still deep purple and green after Moelfre! Did Hopkins wear his Champs Shirt, fine him? Dovey had a long was to come from Gate 4 which he did. Though the Patonator’s cornering and diving techniques with big elbows always shine through on the loose stuff.
Darren Howarth
Ian Hopkins
Si "Superfly" Paton - Descent-World

Still can't believe Longden slipped out, the only clips a man should have are those in the kitchen 3rd draw for his girlfriends hair.
Oggy pulled up hard on those last doubles, how many jumped up Sunday, very few!! Beaumont never got the snap but that inside gate was always worth 0.5 secs if not more..
Scott Beaumont
Martin Ogden
William Longden

After 6 rounds the best 4 rounds score is tallied up giving you the 2005 Rankings below!


Hart only raced 4 and won them all! No need to do the last two rounds as it was in the bag! Kerr is now allowed to do back flips. Just needs a full face.
Godbold is the only challenger to these three. Aren't they all going into youths next year? Will they struggle? You'll find out here first!
Danny Hart - Descent-World / Balfa - 167
Bernard Kerr - Bicycle Fairy - 159
Alex Godbold - 140


Lacey dominates due to those 20" race skills he's been bought up on, another man doing Revell proud! Dowies getting distracted at the races, with dirt jumps and a certain young lady who also races.. He's got the tricks, style and the lady but 1st is what really counts isn't it?
Lewis Lacey - Revell Bikes - 165
Tom Dowie - Team Identiti - 153
Pat Campbell Jenner - 145


Nat Champ Stephenson’s on it so quickly after having his wrist filled with metal pins and plates so early on in the season. Curtis's Jackson like his frame is strong and fast. I just think Bens DH cornering skills have helped him in it through..
Ben Stephenson - Wades Cycles - 148
Chris Jackson - Curtis Bikes - 133
James Wilson - 124


Gough is solid on the track, big shoulders and hard to pass, Boffey is now married, congrats! Whilst Thomas is chuffed to beat Yeomans who I predict will be gunning the podiums next year..
Joey Gough
Kim Boffey
Laura Thomas


24" Baby Blue Revell is Ryan’s choice of weapon and the best looking bike today on the track? BMX all the way with Hume mixing bikes in the year and swearing on that 1leg USE fork.. Richardson out for the last round, broken collar bone at Moelfre to blame. Not bad for a Taxi driver who clips in and can't jump!
Ryan Poolman - Revell Bikes - 150
Daniel Hume - 131
Dave Richardson - Kona Beaumont Racing - 129


Howarth’s another DH champs who stays off the brakes and corners where others won't dare. Hopkins (05 Nat Champ) is the quiet one. Last years winner of the series he wanted to double up for sure. Talking of doubling up, never follow Dovey over the jumps, just down the 1st straight as you'll never beat over those 1st 30yards..
Darren Howarth - Kona Beaumont Racing - 162
Ian Hopkins - 148
Jeff Dovey - Revell Bikes - 148


Into the last round and look how close those points were at the top. Beaumont had to win all three motos, semi and final with Oggy coming 3rd in the final for Scott to take the win. Longden slipped his pedal last straight in 2nd place and Oggy came on through..
Longden, 2nd was his, unclipping, shall we talk about flat pedals?
Martin Ogden - Brooklyn / 155 points
Scott Beaumont - Kona Beaumont Racing / 154 points
William Longden - MBUK Santa Cruz / 135 points

Team Results are the total points added up for the riders in that team.

Revell Bikes 558
Kona Beaumont Racing 499
Dirt Bike Supply 352

Looking for a 4x ride in 2006 on the Descent-World Team? If you have raced the 4x series this year and had some good results and styled it out then drop me a mail to Leave a brief C.V of your 4x and DH (if any) results this year along with a small photo. Entries by the end of September!

There’s some good deals on the table... will shortly go live, were proud to announce DMR will be coming onboard with all their top swag and available to you..

Never Clip In..


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