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Stop Press:

- Tredegar, the track that Jason Carpenter built is unreal! Aaron Jones (formerly Team Skene) is running the joint and it costs £2.50 a day. We'll be organising a 4x race there over the winter so watch this space!
- Cwmcarn track as sponsored by Mojo is now open, don't abuse the uplifts so stick to the speed limit and enjoy.

21:30 and it's been pitch black for some 40mins and as we turn up at the dismal pitts (all under inches of mud and puddles), theres several fools making their way down the track, unreal! For those of you that haven't been to Rheola, it may only be a 3mins course for the best of the best. It's probably one of the longest courses in the UK and FASTEST.

Many hadn't raced here before and I guess they wanted a look at the track. If they could have seen that is. The start is flat out, almost like Bala, absolutely rapid as we dived down into several bus stops at speed, all banked, bermed, rutted and eroded. As soon as you were back on the straights the speed took your breath away.

After diving some reckless corners in the undergrwoth speed was again your friend as we hit the fire road and a welcome chance to ditch a tear-off. Clear sight was needed for a super steep chute with massive braking bumps into a none existant berm as you body checked a plywood wall.. All undercover next in the darkness of the trees and many overshot a few right handers here let alone wobbled it out Danny harper style missing the trees by millimetres.

Fast again as we wizzed past Mrs Cann doing a stirling job marshalling. Again multiple bus stops to check your entry and exit skills upon before the carnage.
Fookin ruts, loads of the b4st4rds. Deep as well, the ones where you dab a foot and the trailing pedal digs in and bucks you silly. Keep them level, look forward and not down and if you were lucky you stayed up. Everyone crashed here for sure it made the best riders look silly.

Next up another short fire road (tear-offs again) followed into the twisty final section. Loads of roots here to slam on, just a good job there's chicken wire on the north shore bit. More speed, high speed deviations, drops and corners before the tight finsih as we shot out of the tree cover, stepped down and jumped the last doubles. SWEET..

Bob Gays transport, paid for upfront let us down I believe according to Dave Morgan. Sunday a driver never turned up till 11:30 and Sat was there one missing? Not good as we all stood in the pouring rain for over 30mins, thinking of Cwmcarn and that mess.
Gee seemed oblib#vious to the conditions stood Vulcan like in Oakley shorts and a RedBull Tee. I was in full water proofs...What was good was the lifts dropping you at the start, literally feet away which is always a God send.

On Saturdays qualifying loads were late and were deducted 3secs for their pleasure. How many in practise Sat morning rode with their lids undone, how silly? Were talking Rheola here, crash central.

Dave Morgan commentated most of the weekend with yours truly stepping in on Sunday for the Experts and Elites. We need a Commentator that will do every race, apply to Dave Morgan please...

Did we mention it rained? Sat a.m was a washout completely. As I clambered for cover in one of the trucks the Daily Star reported it was going to be a scorcher, put your brollys away. Was it fook, Swamp Donkeys and Wet Sreams were selling out fast. The early runners on Sun were still on variant spikes, come the latter part of the field and Maxxis High Rollers were the choice.

Marc Beaumont - Whistler or Rheola? You decide...

Men / Elite

This was a real show stopper, now just note Peaty had never been to Rheola before. Marc Beaumont was definitely here at the Dragon rounds early this Summer when conditions were bone dry. Way back on that Sunday he tried so hard to break the 3:00min barrier, he was so close. with 1/10ths of seconds only in the way..
This weekend Marc went fastest in qualifying though people thought Peaty might be holding back for the World Champs. On the day Marcs time almost matched his dry time months before, though the Governor showed his worth and took a commanding lead pushing Marc to second when he crossed the line.

1 - PEAT Steve Team Orange England
2 - BEAUMONT Marc MBUK Santa Cruz
3 - ATHERTON George Giant Racing
4 - WARDELL David GT Hyundai
5 - DONOGHUE Neil MBUK Santa Cruz

22nd - James Gould lost his chain in qualifying and rode down privileged last.
19th - Steve Barkers Dads interview will be up here shortly on Descent-World.
17th - Michael Gray back on form after an injury prone season.
16th - Dan Critchlows bars are flatter and wider than a broom stick.
15th - Dave Smith shows little Bro who is the boss.
13th - Billy Cheetham rides for Team Skene and not Pearce Cycles (Change the entry form son).
11th - Stu Thompsons ankle looks mashed unlike his riding..
10th - Danny Harpers body is battered and bruised after some more stacks, he wasn't going to ride.
9th - Dan Stanbridge broken finger is well and truly mended, he needs last years top form back!
8th - Rob Warner rode Giants new FAITH bike, he liked it.

Women / Elite

Ath is completely on it, remember she won the Euros by over 1min. Is there a threat at the Worlds, not for her!
Gaskett slept comfortably in her van with Laura Ashley curtains twitching. Jules Coventry European Champ in 3rd with former World masters Champ Petra bringing home the pack.

1 - ATHERTON Rachel Giant Racing
2 - GASKELL Helen Halfords Bikehut
3 - COVENTRY Jules Ancillotti UK/Extreme drinks
4 - WILTSHIRE Petra BN3 Sports/Kona/661/SRAM

Josh Bryceland - Laying one down

Men / Expert

Descent-Worlds Lee Bertram pulls out as he was still suffering with his back injury sustained in Italy.

35th - Dave Lists custom made Marzocchi stems, look for them on our next product pages..
31st - Darren Howarths bruise and lump collection grows every race, poor old man.
23rd - Simon Parkinsons confidence is growing. Matt P attends Leeds Festival instead!
18th - Cunny shoots back North to Madchester for Gay Pride styling it out in his Ezekiel wardrobe.
15th - Jamie Faulkner qualified in 2nd, crashes up top and that's 13 places lost onboard his Commencal. 7th Jason Bayliss after a wet and miserable long weekend in France.

1 - FORREST Gary Probikesport/Ancillotti
3 - DEACON Tom
4 - TATTERSALL Jack Balfa UK
5 - MARPLES James Intense qualified in 1st


Ralph Jones takes a well deserved 1st on home soil, you want to see him on the mini bike! Simmonds sat in the hot seat for so long onboard the "Huck". Barnes in 3rd, does everyone like his sister?

11th Darrell Upton, bike and him recovered after smashing both up at Moelfre stream crossing!
12th Benjamin Stephenson broke a finger? Good job he's 4x Nat Champ.

1 - JONES Ralph
2 - SIMMONDS Matt Muddy Fox
3 - BARNES Joe West Highland Wheelers
4 - WHILES Nikki Team Skene/GT/Mojo
5 - CATHRO Ben The Hub/


Ponting is almost unstoppable onboard his new 224. Lets not forget he was Elite NPS Champ only some 4yrs ago. Titley in 2nd, good man, another old skool Elite racer who's dabbling in DH again and getting the results. Did you know Frenchy still has his old Cannondale Super V in the shed!

9th Phil Gray of Rave Racing is the original Dad at home.. and rides every day, how lucky is that?
12th Joe Ward finds the venue this time only because Manchester Eve News' Seb Ramsey drove him there. In a new Audi A6 test car, shame Sebs wrists bust, especially with him in Whistler next week...
18th Rich King, should he stick to his 4x skills..?
20th Alan Hawkes does good on his homemade bike as featured in Dirt some time back. Paul May broke his finger / hand on Sat??

1 - PONTING Tim Mojo Suspension
2 - TITLEY Andrew
3 - FRENCH Paul Probikesport/Ancillotti
4 - TANKARD Scott No Hope
5 - SIMPSON Richard Seal Moto MX Shop

A Slave to Gravity ;> - James Marples

Veteran Men

Is Blood giving up after this year? Twiggs guide man wasn't there on Sat! Colemnan forgets his helmet (going senile), Munns legs is almost back to strength
and should be challenging hard now.

1 - BLOOD Alan Ancillotti UK
2 - TWIGG Jerry Cycleworld
3 - COLEMAN Shaun
4 - MUNN Rob Dysons/Specialized
5 - HUME Adrian

Grand Vets

Homemade bike does the job for Chris who often podiums at the regionals in vets with guys some 10yrs junior. Mr Braitwaite goes home Sat morning after the sh1t drive Fri evening. Big up the Gay Pride and "Support the Pink Pound" stickers were seen on the back of his silver Vertical Access van according to Seb Ramsey?

1 - WADDUP Chris Oxbikes

Youth Men

Bryceland proves skill and riding technique outshines the pedallers at Rheola. Rhubarb scores 2nd and a pr of White Spy Goggles for his troubles courtesy of Descent-World. Groves is a big lad and his strengths are in his size. He must capitalise on these big courses for those ranking points. Munn must have crashed out to finish where he did.
Swanns got the trickest Curtis Pit Bike you ever did see.

1 - BRYCELAND Josh -Royal Orange
2 - CUNNINGHAM Ruaridh - Probikesport/Morewood
3 - HUTCHENS Chris - The Hub/
4 - SMITH Joseph - Ancillotti UK
5 - GROVES Damian - Team Goldtec

Juvenille Men

Hart crashed in qualifying and had his Dad and me biting our nails (he's the only one up for the £1k)...Kerrs pushing hard both on the DH and 4x tracks. Thomas does well with a third. Brewin was leading qualifying though crashed twice? Watch him at Caersws his local track for the final!HART

1 - Danny - Balfa UK/Descent World
2 - KERR Bernard - Smart Coaching/Bicycle Fairy
3 - THOMAS Stefan
4 - DOWER James - Astonhill/Vario Co Factory
5 - MOLLOY Harry - Muddyfox

Senior Men

Rowlands is dominating seniors this year, Experts beware.. Price is almost fully recovered, Midlands Champ? Simpson consistent as ever. Fergus Lamb is rolling after slamming at Fort Bill. Alun Lewis couldn't pedal here.. Will Ben Caldwell ever stay on? Will Tom Dale beat little Bro Sam? Can James Coneron afford the petrol in his folks Range Rover 4.6ltr? Dave Addison doesn't let go of his bike after loosing it at Caersws practise day for 30mins the other week! Does RC always crash?

1 - ROWLANDS Will Bikes Direct
2 - PRICE David Pearce Cycles RT
3 - SIMPSON John Horswills Cycles Bournemouth
4 - CLARK Allan
5 - HUME Daniel

Darren Howarth

Senior Women

Whats CJC got going on with ChipMunks and small hands? Price rolled in at finish, off or a mechanical? Wilsons shulder is now better? Has she replaced her Dainese after leaving it on the chalet balcony to get nicked?

1 - CANN Calamaty-Jayne - Elan Bikes Team Funn
2 - WILSON Hannah - SMART Coaching
3 - PRICE Kirsty - Total Bike Swindon/No Fear/TF

Men Open

ROSSER Leon - Team Bicycle Doctor
DRAKE Gary -


McLAREN Phillip
OLD Andrew

In all it was a good weekend, three points to improve, Commentating, Transport on Sat and the Weather. 2 out of 3 would be good! Next round is at Caersws and thats the final to whats been a great year. Make sure your there, we will be.

Descent-Gear @ Fort William!
Gotta clear the Warehouse guys...TLD Moto-X and DH lids, Spy clothing, TLD Peaks and race kit, rucksacks and luggage, gloves, SPY Goggles and Maxxis and Arrow Tyres etc.. Find that piggy bank!

If your not at Fort Bill, keep it locked on Descent-World for all the latest news!

Whats the worst thing about being a roller blader?
Telling your Mom and Dad you are Gay.


Stay Unclipped.


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