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Saturday and Sunday the 30th and 31st of July 2005.

Want a funny story? I can't be responsible for any Irish jokes as Jon-e's Irish and I don't want any suspect packages left under my van trackside.. Irish Master rider and good mate Joe Ward lands at Moelfre @ 09:00. Theres no hills insight, no signs, no vans or cars with bikes hanging off the back careering down country lanes? He calls his mate and the conversation goes something like this..

Paddy - Where da f**ks the track?
Murphy - Whats da crack? Where da fook r ya?
Paddy - Moelfre, but der ain't no signs and nay ills anywere.
Murphy - Wot can ya see?
Paddy - The sea!
Murphy - Let me get da map, Be Jesus! The feekin sea!
Paddy - Help me Murphy, I'm well an'truly lost..

Murphy passes his phone to a Welsh man who was conveniently carrying a rather worried looking sheep..To find out where Joe Ward was, have a look at this link.. Click Here

He was at No3 and not No2 some 2 1/2 hrs drive away..

At last! Transport without queues, thank the Lord!! Though I suspect Dave Morgans chq book was the more probable cause..
The course was rapid with not one tree or root insight, a mega fast start that spat you over a nasty and blid cliff drop quickly followed by a very deceptive hole? Some 6ft high and 15ft across, make sure you pedalled at it! How many nose dived this and scared them silly? Ask Scotish Expert rider Ali Maclennan!

More fast corners, more deceptive holes, the last one claimed two live when Descent-Worlds Paul Aston hopped the large gap only to land on a spectator crossing the track, concussed and bruised Aston rode on.. The spectator, needs to learn to look!


Big Bertha next!! A big mutha huck for sure.. As the weekend went on the braking bumps grew and grew, Fort Bill style! The brave jumped this huge gap, with a slag heap landing some 25ft away. Just make sure when you landed you braked hard, real hard!
The sweetest switchbacks, steep and slippy ran between the Gorse bushes. Overshoot them and into the thorns you went, ouch!

Cross the road (duck under the red flag) and along the off camber for what seemed like forever! Your right leg was aching..
Some fast and slippy corners next before the brave hopped another large hole and landed on that big slab rock. Pump and keep the next jump low with your front wheel up!

Flat out across the grass and then rumble into the stream.. Jo Smith got this so wrong in practice and slammed himself! With the stream getting deeper practice was stopped whilst the drains were cleared. The soft rutted mud unweighed us all and the wise slowed down here. Finish.

Listen Up..
BC Commissaires do not get paid for standing on a hill all weekend, just expenses.
Marshalls get a few £££ and free grub or their kid a free entry. One very high profile rider took advantage here this weekend and nearly got banned from racing any more NPS's including this one! Not only did they ride under a red flag, they then rode off when the Marshall came over to have a word. The same Marshall got verbal abuse from riders walking the course on Sat qualifying.
Note: That Marshall refused to marshall on Sun and will never marshall again at a race. We need these people to ensure we ride safe and fair. Any abuse of these people will not be tolerated and you will feel the wrath! You have been warned!


Hart is still the only rider in teh mix for the £1k payout at the end of the season.. (He best remember his managers cut 60/40). Though with Gareth Brewin looking increasingly stronger we may be biting our nails a little closer to the cuticles. Kerr does well charging into 3rd, Roberts determined and will make a NPS podium before the season finishes? Watch Caersws results..
1 HART Danny Balfa UK/Descent World
2 BREWIN Gareth Brooks Cycles
3 KERR Bernard Smart Coaching
5 MOLLOY Harry Muddyfox


Rubarb capitalises on Brycelands crash but thats racing.. Hutchens dominates 3rd but is so hungry for the win. Bryceland knows Rheola so expect to see these top 3 mix it up again..
1 CUNNINGHAM Ruaridh Probikesport/Morewood
2 BRYCELAND Josh Royal Orange
3 HUTCHENS Chris The Hub/
5 PYE Tom Ancillotti/Astonhill

Irish Champion - Ben Reid
Joshua Bryceland

Fairclough fresh back from European Champion victory takes the win by 7secs? 4th fastest overall with only the Elites of Gee, Marc and Dan beating his time! Cathro had a big windmill crash earlier in the day. Thomas is scared of me? Pincher hated the course. Daz Upton hit the stream the hardest, collapsing his front wheel and destroying his bike. How he never killed himself I do not know!
1 FAIRCLOUGH Brendan Royal/Orange
2 CATHRO Ben The Hub/
3 THOMAS Richard Ancillotti UK

Rowlands takes the win even after a huge stack in the water hole! Achilles tells teh story how after the tragic London bombs, the "City Suits" pounced on his Action Bikes Shop and cleared the shelves of everything from top end road bikes to BMXs! (I'l give it to teh kids they said), all this just to get home. It seems after the terrorist actions that push bike and moped sales have gone through the roof!
1 ROWLANDS Will Bikes Direct
2 SIMPSON John Horswills Cycles Bournmouth
3 GIDNEY Jason Cycle Centre Cornwall
4 BULL Daniel

Ponting jumped Big Bertha as did Howarth (had a tumble one go and split his elbow) then crashed rolling down the hill after the 4x final which he won, hit a stone and cased it. Out and injured for the DH on Sunday! Titley up there, thank God no Stu Hughes or that would have been another place down the field!
1 PONTING Tim Mojo Suspension
2 FRENCH Paul Probikesport/Ancillotti
3 TITLEY Andrew Minibikes MX
4 SIMPSON Richard Seal Moto MX Shop
5 SHEFFIELD Craig Bike Cellar

Alan Blood

Check Alan Bloods time, he would have finished 2nd in Masters!! No bad for an old man. Colemans French living is paying off. Jerry Twigg had those first few grassy corners lit and hanging it out to the appreciation of eveyone under his age (thats a lot).
1 BLOOD Alan
3 TWIGG Jerry Cycleworld
4 FELSTEAD Steve Kissit Racing
5 HUME Adrian

Bertys on it for sure, new TLD Moto-X Lid to protect his bonce can only be a God send for this carsh or win merchant. His interview on Descent-World is coming soon! Deaconator not far off, good podium for him on a new steed. How many Experts and Elites punctured up top of the course? You always know where theres a supply of Maxxis DH tubes lads..
1 BERTRAM Lee Royal/Descent World
4 HUGHES James Leisure Lakes

Gee Atherton "On One..."
Longden punctures

Longden punctures and rolls his tyre, Donny had an horrific crash in the stream, nasty as he cartwheeled along. Gee had his new girlfriend in tow? Harper rode solo most weekend without Faulkner who broke his foot in Sat practice. How big was Gee's crash on that last kicker on Sat am practice? That slowed a lot of us down, if he crashes then..
1 ATHERTON George Giant Racing
2 BEAUMONT Marc MBUK Santa Cruz
3 ATHERTON Daniel Giant Racing
4 HARPER Daniel Commencal UK/Team Ricochet
5 BRAITHWAITE Tom Intense UK/Vertical Access

Ms Dix should be used to these extreme conditions, off camber, damp and slippy.. My $$ was on her for this one.. Cann proves me wrong, not the 1st time..
1 CANN Haby Blu
2 DIX Aimee Team Skene/GT/Mojo

Price will have to pull her stripy socks up, she don't like being beaten for sure. Cann does ride well and flows, good win here and thanks to her Mom for marshalling uptop!
1 CANN Calamaty-Jayne Elan Bikes Team Funn
2 PRICE Kirsty Total Bike Swindon/No Fear/TF

Davies onboard the Kona rides well beating the darling of Masters Belton who now rides a sparkling bike courtesy of Fenwicks Bike Cleaner.
1 DAVIES Linda
2 BELTON Nicky Descent World/
3 CHAMBERS Wendy West Highland Wheelers

Atherton pays back after her disaster after leading the 4x.. Gaskett is still charging, hwere was Moseley? Conways still getting discount with Rimmel?
1 ATHERTON Rachel Giant Racing
2 GASKELL Helen Halfords Bikehut
3 CONWAY Maria Giant Racing
4 MART Jaymie Fox/Spy Europe
5 BALLANTINE Karen All Terrain Cycles

Next round is at Rheola on the 27th and 28th of August Bank Holiday Weekend!
That track is truly amazing, just think Fort William with trees so start those press ups now!!

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