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Midlands Super Series Round 6 and Midlands Champships
September 17/18, Hopton Castle near Ludlow.

I pulled up Sat 10:30a.m in the Descent-World Team Truck to a field already almost full! Hold on I thought, it's only practice isn't it? Yes it was and for a ten spot you joined over 120 riders on the uplift, fully insured. For the keen this gave you 7-8 runs if you were quick between 11-4p.m with only a short walk to the uplift (1mins) coupled with the walk to the top from where the uplift dropped you off at only 3mins.

The usual start followed up on that mound that gives you good entry speed into the twisty top section. Plenty of exposed roots and little berms caught many out before we spat outta the woods and across the 1st fire road already gasping for oxygen.. This next section was completely open with every tree felled was an unexpected sight. Visible stumps littered the ground every few feet as we picked our varied lines through this minefield hopping stumps and roots as we gained considerable pace.

Rider 116

Then the new section, if you remember before we used to diagonally cut across the hill, pedalling furiously making the most out of the ground. We now cut down and though the course is shorter, it's steeper and that's good news for you and I. Fresh loose corners meant exposed roots shone through as the weekend went on exciting both spectators and riders alike as wrong moves were taken resulting in near death experiences..!

Follow the natural banks as we zigzagged through dropping past Alex Stock who was marshalling due to injury- Good Lad! Then the slimy stuff, greasier than your average 14yrs olds hair, we slipped and carved through, finding high lines and straightening the track were possible before the last fire road crossing and all the FUN!

It seems the Pearce Cycles Team are great salesmen, leaving the last taste in your mouth to be the sweetest! Drop off the road and hop the diagonal log that stuck up higher than your average morning glory...

A small but fast table into a dusty and loose berm, a few binned it here by hitting it too fast! Then carve out, keeping your speed skimming the rounded doubles to the right before a quick stroke, pump and pull up over the famous step down, known only to well at the Winter races. Then a big old berm with several large breaking bumps dug into it that railed you round at Mach 1 into a steep and narrow 1 bike wide, path.

1/2 way down this was a tight switchback which meant throwing not only the anchor but parachute out as well to get through the tight trees. A big left carve, over the ski jump landing some 20ft past the lip onto the flat bottom and then skim the 20ft long table top.

Matt Price

This needs to be bigger as plenty over jumped this beast. None more so that Expert rider Dave List who did the Worlds biggest nose dive to smashed brains…I should have a pic of his 888 direct mount stem that he's knocking out to you loons coming real soon! Lets not forget to pedal and stand up before crossing across the line and thinking I need to be fitter!

Not that I attended, a Saturday night up Brum tempted me away from the well organised Pig Roast, bonfire, beer and hard Welshman fire walking!! Did anyone get any snaps?

Racing started a little after 11:00 and a few hold ups delayed us all with the knock on effect of only having 20sec breaks in race runs later in the day.

Janet’s Jacket Potatoes stand is the dogs! Their curry and chips is only 2nd to her chocolate cake. Think your Mom can do better on the choc cake?

I'll do the dirty job of testing them out if you bring a freshly baked cake for a poor, inner city boy to taste.. mmmm...

Full results for the day here:

Elite 10 riders
It was all change here with Braithwaite ruling the times 1st run then getting relegated to 3rd. Mojo's Rowan Sorrell made it 7th not bad with only 1 days practise. Scott Beaumont’s being on the local telly and in the press lately for all the wrong reasons. No, not a kiss and tell story but having all his bikes nicked. The full list is on our forum.

Scott Beaumont

Check it out and let us know if you hear anything. Remember, if they steal bikes and parts and you buy them. Then they'll steal again knowing its a sellers market! You'll be fuelling the fire and it maybe YOU next. Chetham’s shaved his head and now rides an I-Drive. Have you seen the new 2006 revolutionary one? I have!

Dave Smith - Pearce Cycles Race Team
Richard Chetham - Team Skene
Tom Braithwaite - Intense Uk / Vertical Access

Expert 10 riders
Commencals Jamie Faulkner was off the pace with a badly damaged elbow sustained from Fort Bill WC. Deacon still no sponsor? Marple’s is insane, I reckon we interview him next! Rob Smith was only 1 sec off big Bro! Astonator crashes again, surely he'll be off the DW team in 06?
Robert Smith - Pearce Cycles Race Team
Tom Deacon
James Marples - Intense

Hardtail 13 riders
Promanator does the Descent-World team proud onboard his Curtis hardtail before he shoots over to France for the Winter!
Daniel Yeomans Curtis/Descent-World
George James
Jayden Waddington - Felon Projects


Juniors 26 riders
Simmonds time is faster than the Elites! Pincher would have finished 3rd in Elite with his time. Experts and Elites need to pull their fingers out! Upton up and at them after that bike smashing crash at Moelfre in the stream at the finish line. Remember BC means Black Country and not British Columbia. Davies, Whiles and Stock trail in 4th, 5th and 6th respectively, all good riders but Simmonds is on fire here!
Matt Simmonds - Muddy Fox
Lee Pincher - Ansa Racing
Darrell Upton - DDR

Juvenile 18 riders
Brewin takes the lead and stays on, will he challenge Descent-Worlds very own Danny Hart at the last NPS and deprive him of that £1k bonus? Thomas comes close but no cigar.
Rhys Matson best finish top 10 next race..
Gareth Brewin - Brooks Cycles
Stefan Thomas - Bedstone College
Edward Smith

Masters 42 riders
Midlands & Borders Club Director Steve Parr (he organises Radnor) cut himself up 1st run after the rider in front not moving over. Burgoin and Bromley try it on and narrowly miss the podium. Armitage wants the win but Williams is unbeatable? Patonator doing business on the Cemmencal Supreme, await the test!
Barracudas times are getting better, shall we interview him? Pete Roberts and Bro do their usual annual one race trick and turn up. These two were the original pioneers of traveling to France to race the Avalanche Cups some several years ago. Good riders then and now.
Colin Williams - High Peak Cycles/Kenda
Jamie Armitage - High Peak Cycles/Kenda Simon "Superfly" Paton - Descent-World/Maxxis


Master Women 2 riders
Close times and real competition, but where was Nicky Belton? Being enticed into a tent with a pot noodle maybe?
Louisa Raven - TWAT Racing
Suzy Osborn - Rave Racing

Senior Men 80 riders
80 of them! Rowland’s turns up Sun only and pulls out all the stops to go from 2nd 1st run to 1st 2nd run, you follow? Price proves you can race DH competitively on a 6" travel single crowned Specialized Enduro bike as favoured and reviewed by Dirt’s Steve Jones, the man in the know. Old Chumbawumba importer Shilvock clocks a good time for his first race of the season! Remeber Tristan Mayor who nearly actually died at the NPS Cwmcarn race? He was sporting the coolest sweatshirt with a Zoom ice cream image printed on the front, good lad!

Ian White wants to spend less time in B&Q and more time trackside, him and Kate Pearce have a lovely house, especially the kitchen! It only backs onto the land were the original and legendary Kiddy Trails that were only accessible via a daring bridge crossing manoeuvre, slip and fall to your death and be squashed by a Seven Valley Steam Railway Train,"Choo, choo".
Will Rowlands -
Dave Price - Pearce Cycles Race Team
Adam Morgan - Pearce Cycles Race Team

Senior Women 2 riders
Check this out. Kristy’s dad and brother were both racing, talk about keep it in the family. Wilson likes Scouser’s, clean bikes and Utopia Goggles and definitely not a pair of Pink Black Fade Spy’s..
Kirsty Price - Swindon RC/Total Bike/Specialized
Hannah Wilson - Smart/Fenwicks/Utopia

Vets 9 riders
Jones onboard his V10 as recommended here. Roberts old Specialized needs upgrading if he's going to win and stay a hair in front of Carr who was almost there..
Dai Jones
Chris Roberts -
Dave Carr - Wrea Racing

Youth 43 riders
Smith is so determined, a pedaller will always win here. Sam beats big Bro's time again.. Groves is a big lad for Youth. Once knowledge is gained he'll dominate for sure. Think Brendan..
Joseph Smith - Ancillotti UK
Sam Dale
Damian Groves - Team Goldtec

Dave Smith - Pearce Cycles

Rob Smith - Pearce Cycles

Si "Superfly" Paton - Descent-World

Chris Roberts -

Damion Groves - Goldtec

Matt Simmonds - Muddy Fox

Master Women
Louisa Raven - Twat Racing

Dan Yeomans - Curtis / Descent-World

Junior Women
Aimee Dix - Team Skene

Dave Smith

Again we collared a few riders with helmets undone as they crossed the finish line, they were then duly embarrassed in the middle of the ring by the Commentator yours truly.

Loads of complaints about riders not moving over when caught. i.e. If someone catches you up then they are obviously on it! They should shout when about to overtake, “On the right", thus meaning I’m coming on the right and you sh1t for brains move over to the left! You can also shout on the left etc.. Very simple instructions.. If you think you may catch the man up in front, have a very polite chat at the start and explain if your having a good run, what you will shout. Clear as mud...

Many thanks to Fenwick’s for sponsoring the event and donating their awesome cleaner as used by the Descent-World Team! Also to for sponsoring the series with Crank Brothers. Ricochet the UK distributors of Commencal. PPC Image Lab with their banners.

The biggest thanks to Lyndsey and Dave Pearce, family, friends and supporters who put on one of the greatest shows on Earth! Make sure you keep it logged here on our Calendar for the Specialized Winter Series! Checkout there shop

When I left the venue at 18:00 Barracuda Bob was sat awaiting his lift, rumours are rife that he's still there now?

Hot Dates:

8th and 9th of October Dragon @ Abercarn
8th and 9th of October Royal Race Day @ Doncaster (Mini-Bikes Sat/big Moto-X Sun). 15th and 16th of October Midlands Final at Mount Radnor

Descent-World are looking to very loosely arrange a riding day at Cwmcarn. Everyone turn up in their own vans and we'll have a riding day out! Loads confirmed at the Midlands that they would go. Check our Forum under "Bish Bosh". The last Sat in Oct or 1st Sat in Nov maybe favourable dates, we'll check the weather and let you know!

Descent-Gear special offer:- TLD XC Gloves @ £16.00 incl p&p go checkout the forum and look for our retail section!

Who's that good looking b4st4rd on page 175 of Dirt? Answers on a post card please..

Stay Unclipped Forever.

Si "Superfly" Paton…

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