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Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th of September 2004

The Parkinson’s nearly got me and them arrested on Sunday morning. I over took some bloke, the Parkies who were behind did the same only for the knob in front to drop his indicator on and pull out sharply into the middle, nearly killing them. I saw all this in my mirror and duly slowed down to offer assistance. The next junction I swerve and box him in, he jumps out and verbals the Parkies, I'm about to get out the car with my bottle of SoBe (bosh) and he bowls over, takes his coat off and he's only an off duty pig! I get the third degree and a severe bollocking whilst the rest of my fellow DH mates proceed to drive past bibbing there horns and shouting "nick him", Cheers boys!

Simon Paton
Lee Bertram
David Young
Simon Folland
Alistair MacLennen

Saturday stayed dry, well just as we were introduced to a brand new course on this hill that earlier in the year saw the Midlands and the Dragons running down here. The track started with a mint BMX track style top section, a huge roller into some big rutted berms, step downs out of each one then the mogul section onto a set of doubles. Sounded simple enough? Well I guess only 1 in 10 managed airtime over the last set. The soggy mud here slowed too many down along with the previous berms.

We then hit the woods, 3 lines in as we zigzagged through and over some crazy roots and some horribly carved out "S" bends that kept us on our toes or should I say bums? We dropped the high step down, more height than distance into another big rutted berm then.. We were treated next to a rolling rhythm section of dips and tables that were ace to pump, jump, pump and manual through, thanks guys..

Next up was trouble.. A steep chute into the even steeper woods. The brave, side launched off the 3ft high log drop and kept their elbows close before the 1st of two steep sections that were littered with stumps, roots, landmines, barbwire not the last two but it really was that dangerous! Longden winded himself big-time here in practice after a rider had stopped on track for a butchers.

The great thing about both wood sections was the choice of lines (Innerleithen take note), the course was marked wide in places meaning the tacticians were out in effect checking the ever changing lines.

A 15ft gap jump next that saw the likes of Yeti's Nev Duggan going for the longest skid on your head record then looking like he'd just done 3 rounds with Tyson, then riding no peak "Bullet" for the rest of the weekend! I bumped into Steve Peat here on Saturday, he was in his casuals, Farahs and a Piere Cardini cardigan with his ferret and some pigeons, obviously not riding. Why, a broken scafoid (it's in your hand somewhere). How? Those mini bikes strike again, anyone brave enough to tell the big fella he should leave em alone? A quick update on Royal as well, they are trying to increase distribution around the World. Does that mean we'll see immigrants at Sangat on TV busting our lorries wearing Royal kit? Could be..

Foot down and a fast section of the track, dropping into a rapid flowing berm then a few narrow sections to check the speed on before 2 big line choices. Up and over the tree, big stepped roots down or the low squiggly tight line. Still not sure which was fastest? The last dusty wiggle before the road saw the BC Commissaire further heighten the poles to stop the Atherton’s using their skills and hopping a straighter line. The road crossing saw many prejump in down the step down into the huge left handed berm. Senior rider Lee Bertram - Descent-World Syndicate who had qualified 2nd fastest of the day (only Gee beat him). Had a huge stack on Sunday practice and dislocated his shoulder.. Ouch and out.

A big doubles on the left saw Danny Hart flying them for the kids whilst the rest of us cranked it up for them.

A last launcher into the field saw Steve Barker launch it under the banner and try and head butt it, quality.. Some dude got this all wrong in his race run on Sunday and went a right pearler into the hay bails that lined the side, nearly killing himself and a handful of spectators..

Saturdays qualifications went without a hitch, well if you don't mind coming down the hill if your an elite at around 18:00

Sunday was a slightly drier affair and a more relaxed atmosphere with practice on from 09:00 to 12:30, plenty of time to get 3 quality runs in.

Juniors Reid punctured in qualifying and needed 1st or 2nd to take the series win. The boy done good.. Ben Stephenson was DQ'd for leaving the course and re-entering lower down, you must rejoin at the point of exit guys. look at the top 10, Experts and Seniors watch out boys, there coming.. Ben Reid - Descent-World Syndicate/Giant David Young - Pro Bike Sport Matt Simmonds - Muddy Fox

Master Fooland took a clear win overall after qualifying 1st Sat eve. May now fully recovered after a broken collarbone, looks so? Oggy 7th and Phil Gray 8th, improving! Sheffield checked his pedals before his race run (see last report). Paul May - Rapid Racers Symon Folland - Remec/Funn Stefan Gleed - Rapid Racers

Veterans Twigg beats his arch rival Maclenan (2nd World Masters Champs), Mac qualified fastest. Coleman and Rippet still doing battle, Rippet leads this one. Chris waddup leads the Grand Vets! Jerry Twigg - Cycleworld / Just for men Alastair Maclennan - West Highland Wheelers Chris Trippett

Master Women Belton’s stepping it up, will Caroline stop coughing? Nikki Belton - Caroline Mackinlay -

Senior Men Bertram would surely have won? Yes. Ayers making the move on and up, Wilmott 6th on the Foes and Dave Addison DQ'd (stay within the tapes).. Tim Green - Summit Cycles Graeme Forest - Pro-Bike Sport Andy Ayers - Ancilotti / AstonHill

Youth Men Brendan was still trying to sell his 888s from the Dragon win the previous week. £550 anyone? Bollock in 3rd, good to see the foreigners (Scots) making the trip count. Where’s big Ian Mac and Crawford? Who should of done better but fell fowl to the one run wonders? Christian Fairclough, Parkinson, Considine, Upton and Cooper. 100 lines from each of you please.. "I must stay on my bike"! Brendan Fairclough - Royal / Orange Rich Thomas - Ancillotti Tom Pollock - Team CHR

Juvenile Men Hart killed the big doubles, Smiths ability and local knowledge ruled as did sam Dales. Munn recovering from a knee (stitches) injury after playing with his Action man "Assault Tower" Jo Smith - Brooks InGear Sam Dale - Danny Hart - MBUK Scott

Novice Men 16+ (who didn't bother to get a license) Mini Moto-X star Hughes makes a welcome return before popping over to the US for the mini moto World Champs. Craik 4th on a "Tank", wait till you see these bikes, the loaded frame kit is quality for an unbelievable price tag. We'll test one here soon! The Worlds tallest man Dave List black and back from his Honeymoon in Butlins, Bognor. Stu Hughes John Simpson James Coneron

Novice Men 16- Guys, sorry I can't write much here as I don't know you. I'd like to but I have this letter from the Crown Court that says I can't mingle with boys aged under 16 for some reason? Alex Bond Carl Maxwell Oliver Rawlins

Expert Men Robson onboard the ever popular Mr Big (nearly 20 sold so far this year)! Shucksmith in some dodgy UFO camo race kit, Dave sort him out, nice Foes though. Faulkdogs Tues eve road training almost pays off. Aaron Jones’ Pink helmet is a nice touch, will he race BMX next year? John Robson - The Development / Mr Big Phil Shucksmith - Stendec James Gould - MBUK Scott Luke Marshall - Descent-World Syndicate

Women / Elite Rach nips the win here, domination in 05? Fionn was flogging swag in the car park, Moseley out and injured, who will challenge? Gaskett under the knife after an MRI scan on her shoulder this week? Coventry still has a stomach upset and was seen taking some tablets again? Rachel Atherton - Muddy Fox Helen Gaskett - Halfords Bikehut Jules Coventry - Ancillotti Emily Horridge - Mountain Cycles / Fox Karen Ballentine - All Terrain Cycles

Gaskell | Atherton | Coventry

Men/Elite Muddy Fox 1,2 and 3 clean sweep! Even Si Atherton (Dad) was amazed as Gee took the last section before the road step-down. As I announced the time as he stepped that down we all knew the win was his! Harper qualified 3rd yet finished 21st, those damn roots. Warner recovers from a broken wrist at the Dragon yet manages 9th. Smith and Cheetham pushing it but still chasing the Don. George Atherton - Muddy Fox Dan Atherton - Muddy Fox Dan Stanbridge - Muddy Fox

Atherton | Atherton | Stanbridge

Ian Jones (legend) the landowner boosted the prize money in both Elite Male and Female so many thanks to him.. Someone should have nudged him and told him the birds would have been happy with a £25 Boots gift voucher.. Some little guy from Birmingham did the commentary for race and presentation and truly abused the crowd and spectators in his usual manner.

I'm in Vegas at Interbike the following week so lock it here to view all the sparkly things that will appear in 2005.

Mark Wesley - Malvernite. Mark raced seniors back in the day at all the Nationals, Midlands and year 2000 DH races. A cross between Mad Mark Weightman and Paul Slater onboard his blacked out Foes, Mark was an unmistakable sight. His friendly banter aimed at all of us moulded and shaped what the Masters scene is today. Mark was out last Saturday doing what he does best, going fast and enjoying himself onboard his Aprillia. Unfortunately a car driver wasn't paying too much attention and…

Not only will Martyn "Rhino" Reeley be missing a good mate, we all have lost out here, big time. Our thoughts are with everyone who was related or knew Mark. RIP son.

Stay Unclipped.


Dan Atherton
The Don
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