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Saturday and Sunday the 28th and 29th of August 2004.

Not many Scottish riders made the long trip, only the hardcore and none more so than Ian Macintosh Ruaridh Cunningham and the Iona Shop boys like Ben Cathro etc.., good to see the commitment.

A few more like Yetis Dan Critchlow took advantage of the free entries to the Maxxis Cup in Switzerland. Fabien Barel currently leads the mens and Tracy Moseley leads the women’s. How good is that?

Lee Bartram (KW)
Danny Hart (KW)

I was there on the Saturday though a broken hand from the previous week meant I only commentated and skipped home to Brum for a night on Broad St, messy... So the report for Sunday will be sketchy...

There are two problems with Coombe; everyone thinks there isn't a hill there. Well there is, just not a massive one. The course feels long due it's layout...

The start is mellow and twisting, no berms, flat corners, exposed roots and close trees, remember Builth Wells? Then there’s a smart slaggy rock section before the pumping of arms kicks in as you head down and up some pretty big bus stops, don't forget to pedal in the middle of them or you'll stop..

The next woods are real good, deceptively steep with deep rutted gullies into naturally worn in bermed corners. Great to see some wider sections allowing strategic choices of lines, lets see more of this!!

Then that superb step down, some 8ft high and a landing over 20ft away. Yes a few strong pedals and pull up and you were safely over. Are the riders and bikes getting better? This landmark proved so with 80% of riders skipping a heart beat mid air.

Then came the berms, wallop into them and power upto the table tops, make the landing, if you were slow enough, otherwise prepare the chute for the landing some feet past the last scrap of dirt that was the landing..

A silly double in the field, you had to brake check these (make em big and flowing please). A stupid bus stop in the ferns slowed everyone down before a tricky 3ft high log drop, we like technical stuff like this that made life a bitch for the next corner.

Keep it pumping kids and focus on the task ahead. A huge rock face some 12ft high. Super steep and scary for the non-bikers that stood on the lip. Various lines developed, the chicken lines were so much slower and the big balls, big drop lines was the winner, worth the risk.

A quick sprint to the line and bonsai, done. Saturday saw the track damp but it soon dried up in time for qualifying after 14:00. That passed clearly without incident and everyone made it back to camp in one piece.

Almost forgot, the other is the b4st4rd camping field that the majority have to park and camp in. Being in this field makes you almost feel second class and disjointed from the rest as your over a 5mins walk away from the finish line!

Sunday, well I wasn't there, hangover a 130 miles away...

Harts 1st NPS win? I think so for the Pocket Rocket.
Danny Hart
Sam Dale
Jo Smith

Which Team had a reminder to stay within the tapes after incidents at the EPS? Fairclough has lost his UCI points as he is too young, the French complained.
His time would have been Elite top 5!
Thomas runs away with even more points, hasn't he enough?
Brendan Fairclough
Nikki Whiles
Rich Thomas

The top 8 are all quality riders. Reid wins on a 1997 Giant ATX 2 that’s worth a round of drinks.
Wades Ben Stephenson comes last, surely a top 8 rider when he stays on or doesn't have a mechanical. Greg O'Keefe makes the trip from the Emerald Isle and clocks 12th.
Ben Reid - Descent-World Syndicate
David Young
Rob Smith

Bertram lead qualifying only to loose out in the mud.
Muddy Fox's Ben Cox finally has a proper racing license and Wilmott controls the Foes (tested here on Descent-World)for 3rd. andy Ayers - Ancillotti narrowly misses the podium - must try harder..
Jack Tattersall
Lee Bertram - Descent-World Syndicate
Adam Wilmott

Gleed and Finney well and truly off form, me missing, Steve Goode was where? Gummy making a comeback from a collar and 5th. Also note no more Rob Johnston!!
Cooksley is a road rage monster, never ever cut him up or...
Symon Folland
Rob Cooksley
Richard Green

Ex Pizza (Honda C90) delivery guru Hume makes 3rd, where’s Rob Munn? Shaun now lives in France and those big courses are giving him new confidence I think...
Trippet only a whisker off, watch this battle...
Shaun Coleman
Chris Trippet
Adrian Hume

Junior Women
Stripey socks Price loosing it or was it a bad day at the office?
Jane Calamity-Cann
Kirsty Price

Senior women
Are these two sisters? Apparently one of them is well educated taking both French and Spanish lessons...
Anna Collins
Lucy Collins

Master Women
Belter is the darling of the ladies DH scene but looks don't mean diddly squat.
Caroline McKinley
Nicky Belton

Elite Women
Gaskett out with a ticky shoulder after dislocating it at Plymouth on the monkey bikes..! Moseley on the Maxxis trip.
Emily Horridge

Marples recently visited my local trails and is now thinking of moving to Brum, there’s no better he says.
Thanks to Chris Brown... Gould is now fully recovered from broken arms or was that wrists?
James Marples
James Gould
Michael Gray
Weightman, Jenkinson and Luke Marshall have a nightmare in the mud...

6/100ths in it between the boys, but who rode spikes and who rode dry Maxxis tyres? The Don's knee is obviously better and he's in front of the rest for Halfords. Warner has a broken arm after the Dragon so no show. Marc Beaumont in France?
Gee Atherton
Dan Atherton
Neil Donaghue

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Stay Unclipped.


Andy Ayers
Rowan Sorrell
Emily Horridge
Gee Atherton
Ben Reid
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