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English Points Series Final – Saturday 7th of August 2004
English Championships – Sunday 8th of August 2004
Bullshit by Superfly
Pics courtesy of

Yes, 06:30 and it's sunny, blue skies and not a cloud in site makes it a pleasure to wake up and jump out of bed doesn't it?

How bad were the signs to the venue, how many turned up so late after getting soooo lost? Let’s not mention the M5 South bound, thick in fog and 8million caravans? And why do people do their entire journey in the middle lane, w4nk3rs.

£3 into the field upset a few, especially when being charged that for both days wasn't really the one. Dave Morgan – Race Director put the Farmer straight after many refused payment and ram raided in!

Garway is a beautiful setting, at the bottom of the camp field you'll find a small river which after a hot days racing was a dream to paddle and flop into. Good job I had my arm bands, it was a bit deep for me! From the top of the hill you can really see for miles, 5 counties I believe according to the model glider pilots enjoying a relaxing afternoon before us circus clowns turned up to spoil the tranquillity.

There's an off road quad track as well as a full tarmac Go-Kart Track! How’s about next race there we have a Saturday evening race? Let’s do it!!

This also made good terrain for the mini-bike crew on Saturday night, not only did they ride up and down the track, with Dan Hume jumping the Step-Down! Can't believe I never took mine!

The track started 20yds up from where the tractor dropped you off., why? Apparently because that was how far the timing cable reached! Good news really as I remember that full walk to the top was degrading to the mind, body and soul. Off we set through the bracken, launching outta that dip into a 25mph field section. Switch back S’s through the trees was tricky then into a double drop down, the 1st with loads of rocks that punctured many. Next was that crazy corner, almost impossible to stop on and get the inside line. Everyone drifted too far and ended up pedalling uphill, suckers. A few gifted layers doubled the roots!

Josh Bryceland
The Gee Man
Tim Mills
Rich Payne

Then came the fun, a corner was cut in practice and left for the race, shaving 1-2secs off. Then on inspection of the course after racing we spotted a rat run through the ferns, a dirty straight line shaving even more time, rude, rude, rude.

Another dirty line appeared just before the off camber dusty corner that dropped you onto the ruts before the go-kart track. That upslope was excluded by some as the tapes were down and a straight line appeared saving 2 seconds. NAUGHTY.

If anyone else wants to race straight lines then every Sunday you can sit on a time trial bike and go in a straight line for miles, you’re only cheating yourself.

Step down.. fast , fast, fast, then pedal to launch the doubles which had no take off and felt like you had to break the world bunny hop record to get over them! Too many tried these and too many stacked it as well, speed is your friend kids.

Next up was the tight and twisty woods, with tight trees and speckled light breaking through making it difficult to read the ground at speed. At this point after 2mins a welcome site approached, after the straight drop without a smooth landing dropped you into the field, bottoming your bike, your legs, your arms and your neck out! Pedal your lungs out, style the step down kicker, Ashley Mullane, Josh Bryceland and Kirtsy Price doing the do..

Then hang on, trust the Maxxis tyres (plug) and get that bike angled down. Alex Stock had it the lowest and fastest only to crash out yards from the finish line. He then jumped up only to stumble over again and crawl across the line. Jason Bayliss was also on it when he crashed "Stock" style again a whisker from the line, to fast and too low.

Jon Brain high sided once across the finish line and dropped it along with Shaun Keppler. Let me remind you all. Crash in front of me when i'm commentating and expect the full wrath, no holds barred, you’ve been warned!

Saturday stayed bone dry and red slap heads were glowing come 17:00 and home time. As Chris Roberts the NPS 4x organiser commented, he had a rough nights sleep with his glowing red tomato legs, ouch..

Sunday morning again was fine, then the clouds rolled in and the drizzle started at a steady pace for the rest of the day. We all panicked at the top of the hill. With the course having loads of grassy corners, rolling over knocked over ferns, mix that with light rain and speedway here we come. Surprisingly the track stayed dry and almost became grippier believe it or not! Nearly everyone went faster than they did on the Saturday.

English Points Series Finals:-

Ashley Mullane
Will Longden
Dan Stanbridge

Stu Jenkinson
Alex Stock
Darren Howarth

Hard Tail
Andrew Wright
Andrew England
Daniel Baker

Tom Deacon
Alex Evans
James Stock

Josh Bryceland
Jo Horton
Scott Roberts

Simon Paton - Descent-World-Syndicate
Craig Sheffield
Steve Goode

Lee Bertram - Royal/Descent-World-Syndicate
Jim Daveage
Chris Morris

Shaun Coleman
Rob Munn
Adrian Hume

Niki Whiles
Rich Thomas
Owain James

Elite Women
Jules Coventry

Cann Calamaty-Jayne
Kirsty Price
Cann Haby-Blu

Monet Adams

Master Women
Karen Ballantine
Nicola Belton
Lynda Davies


Belton | Ballantine | Davies

Sunday - English Championships

Controversy still reigns on this one. When I turn up at Innerleithen next weekend and take the win, I expect to move over and let a ginger haired, skirt wearing, pale legged tight fisted Scott take the title and trophy home for Scottish Champion.

Now the local rule didn't seem to apply here, Niki Whiles is as Welsh as they come (professional joy-rider, Mom works down a mine and his sisters got 5 kids and is on the dole :). Dan Stanbridge finished 2nd yet because he's from the best country in the World - England, he took home the silver ware. Gee's left on the podium shaking his head reckoning he lives in England and swears allegiance to the Queen in front of everyone..

Gee Atherton
Dan Stanbridge
Jon Brain

Ross Searle
Alex Stock
Rowan Sorrell

Andrew Wright
Charlie Williams
Neil Blundell

Mike Strickland
Tom Deacon
Dabiel Hume

Josh Bryceland
Jo Horton
Scott Roberts

Symon Folland
Steve Goode
Si "Superfly" Paton Descent-World-Syndicate

Lee Bertram Royal/Descent-World-Syndicate
Jim Davage
Jamie Standen

Chris Tripet
Shaun Coleman
Rob Munn

Niki Whiles
Richard Thomas
Darrell Upton

Elite Women
Jules Coventry

Cann Calamaty-Jayne
Cann Haby-Blu

Monet Adams

Ballantine Karen
Nicola Belton
Davies Lynda

Kirsty Price

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