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Hornton Hill Cup Final Round

Well we had made it through another season of the Hornton Hill Cup 4X Series. It had been a long season for 4X with the first race of the year being in March and this being the last on 19th September. The numbers had been good through the season and we saw some good riders join the 4X ranks and we hope to see it grow even more in 2005.

Hornton had gone through some more track changes before the last race of the series, the only problem being that as soon as they were finished the rain started, and it didn't stop until the Saturday afternoon before the race. The track dried out well but was still a little tacky for the opening 3 motos. This made for hard work by the riders and not much passing or big jumping so the motos went as expected with the big names going through with no problems.


The title had already been won in Youth by Lewis Lacey of Revell Bikes and the 2nd and 3rd spots were also decided so it was time to mix the classes up a bit. Lewis decided to take a big step and see how he proved against the likes of Oggy, Mapp, Haines and Newton in the Senior class. Dan Bill of Hornton Hill had claimed 2nd spot and went up into the very quick Junior class.

This opened up the Youth class for the day and made for some good racing. Going into the final 2 guys had not been beaten in any of the motos or knockout rounds and were going to go head to head in the final to keep that record going. James Senior and Matt Watterson both unbeaten lined up against Fred Rickman and Matthew Jenkins in the final. The gate dropped and it was the two un beaten guys that hit the front and was going to battle it out for the win. James just did not have anything left as Matt Watterson hit the front of the pack in the first corner and never looked back. It was a race of two races really with Fred and Matthew swapping places for the 3rd and 4th spot, but 1st and 2nd was only ever going to be between two guys.

Final Round Results:1st Matt Watterson, 2nd James Senior, 3rd Matthew Jenkins, 4th Fred Rickman.

Series Results: st Lewis Lacey, 2nd Dan Bill, 3rd Angus Harley.



Again Dan Yeomans of Hornton Hill had already won the title before the last race in the series so Dan opted out of the Junior class to pitch ever-increasing skills in the senior class.

With Dan gone it opened up the path for George Marshall to take his second win in a row and was well on track for doing that until a fall in his last moto left him with a broken collar bone and the win up for grabs again. In with a shout was the Youth rider Dan Bill who was riding up a class and was showing that he can mix it up with the big boys and even show them how to get out of the gate. He lined up in the final alongside Tom Gethin, Robbie Rickman and Josh Lane. Most people thought that this was going to be between Tom and Josh for the win. What do most people know? Dan Bill got the gate of his life and rode the race of his life to take his first win of the year in the class above. Tom Gethin came in 2nd and Robbie Rickman finished his season with a podium place in 3rd.

Final Round Results: st Dan Bill, 2nd Tom Gethin, 3rd Robbie Rickman, 4th Josh Lane.

Series Results: st Dan Yeomans, 2nd George Marshall, 3rd Tom Patten.


This was one class that was still there to be won. Duncan Ferris DMR was leading the series going into the last round but was away for the final round. This meant that Oggy TOMAC could take the title if he won all his motos and his final, a point dropped anywhere in the day handed it to Ferris. This looked a possibility until we all saw the smooth skills of BMX Pro Lawrence Mapp fly down the track. That could really ruin things for Oggy.

Oggy on Tomac again for 2005

It did. After 3 wins Oggy got 2nd place in his fourth moto and lost the title. £rd place was still up for grabs between Dan Haines and Simon Newton. All Dan Haines had to do was make a final to get the overall 3rd spot. Haines had won his first four motos and was set for a semi final position when, in his last moto he was going to put on a bit of a show by jumping the new 32ft doubles at the bottom of the track. With a sticky patch just before the take off he lost a lot of speed and ended up 50/50 on the landing, breaking his ankle in six places and putting himself out of contention for 3rd overall and a chance to spend Christmas and new year in plaster. So with the Senior overall results sorted in the motos we could then concentrate on what was lining up for a cracking final.

On paper the final line up would have read. Oggy, Mapp, Newton and Junior rider Yeomans. They were the quickest looking riders. But good old Hornton Hill track put a stop to that. Mapp took a big fall in his semi-final while leading and Newton had Oggy and Yeomans in his semi and was the one to miss out. While these guys were getting all the attention two other riders were showing some good skills. Lee Feery and Youth rider Lewis Lacey had stayed consistent through the day and out of trouble to line up next to Oggy and Yeomans in the Final.

The gate dropped and it was Junior rider Dan Yeomans Hornton-Descent-World had the hole shot and was leading into the first corner, Oggy had the inside line and took the lead off him. Dan tried everything to get past Oggy and got level a couple of times but could not pull off the pass. Oggy held on for a hard fought win and Dan settled for a very impressive 2nd. Ride of the day had to go to Lewis Lacey who came home in 3rd place of the senior class at the age of 15.

Final Round Results: st Martin Ogden TOMAC, 2nd Dan Yeomans HORNTON HILL, 3rd Lewis Lacey REVELL BIKES, 4th Lee Feery.

Series Results: 1st Duncan Ferris DMR, 2nd Martin Ogden TOMAC 3rd Simon Newton.

A big thanks goes out to everyone who helped with the series, all the riders that attended and all the sponsors. Descent World for the Maxxis Tyres they kindly donated along with the dogs bits number boards. We look forward to seeing you and a load more of you next season.

P.S. Oggy is on Tomac next year. Will he get the £1,000 that Dale Holmes bet against him? Holmes said he would stump up £1k to Oggy if Tomac sponsored him again. Lets see if the gentlemens agreement is honoured?

Repo by Superfly


Warner made us all feel welcome by putting up some big Giant kazibo's. one of which also had a bike display in, and eventually turned into a spectators sheltor from the rain!

To get us all phsyked up warner played the national anthem...wel 15 seconds of it. And racing began. Uunfortunately towards the end of the motos the start gate's electrics failed due to the rain, which reulted in a couple of elite riders somersalting into the mud.

Eventually, after a short break and the superfly carboot sale racing began again with a manual ,one.two.three ....pull the lever ...go!


Masters ran on a best of five races format because there was ony four riders. Paddy Baker takes the win, Giles Grover in 2nd and paul Bailey in 3rd.


I think only two or three juniors turned up so juniors went into the senior category and took 1st and 3rd place! Dan Hume in a well deserved 1st after a great move on the last berm, Dan Bryant 2nd, and Guy tomlinson in 3rd.


Horntonhill take 1st and second! Dan Bill didn't loose a race all day, Angus Harley took second.(somebody teach this kid how to do his helmet up!) and Bernard Kerr in 3rd.

Novice 12-15:

Matt jenkins seemed to dominate all day long, closley followed by Jordan Buck, and thats how the final finished with Alex Godbold in 3rd

Novice 16+

Ed Randall wins all his motos but the final saw Jamie Morton take 1st, Nick tottenham sm in 2nd and Randall in 3rd

Elite: (9 riders)

possibly a bigger turnout than some of the national rds this year! Rich batey was on fire, won every moto and his semi followed by Dan critchlow. Will longdon won hi semi with Dan Yeomans in second. ( Oggy, Duncan ferris, stu thompson and steve atkins in the B final)

Final results:

1st . Will Longdon
2nd. Rich Batey
3rd . Dan Yeomans
4th . Dan Critchlow

All in all a good days racing and a brilliant idea from Rob Warner. It would be great to see more NO CLIPS racing taking place next season.

Repo by Dan Yeomans

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