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Battle Royal 2005
Dragon DH Abercarn
Brendan Fairclough
Cowan's Jump Jam
Interbike Vegas 5
Interbike Vegas 4
Interbike Vegas 3
Interbike Vegas 2
Interbike Vegas 1
BC NPS Caersws
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Reportage 2005
Dragon DH Abercarn
BC NPS Caersws
SDA Final Pitfichie
Midland Champs
Dragon Cwncarn
BC NPS Rd 5 Rheola
SDA Rd4 Dunkeld
BC NPS 4x Portreath
Zeal Irish NPS Rd 5
Moelfre BC NPS DH
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Reportage 2004
Horton Hill 4X Final
NPS Final Caersws
Dragon Wentwood
SDA Final Fort Bill
BC NPS #4 Coombe
Irish NPS Rd 4
Irish NPS Rd 3
Dragon 8&9 Gethin
Scottish Champs
English Champs
... more
PDF Results 2005
SDA 5 Pitfichie
SDA 4 Dunkeld
SDA Champs F Bill
SDA 3 Strathrye
NPS05 Fort William
SDA 2 Innerleithen
NPS05 Rd2 Cwmcarn
SDA Rd 1 Ae
NPS05 Rd1 Ae
WWW Round 3
WWW Round 2
WWW Round 1
PDF Results 2004
SDA Champs Inners
BC Nat Champs '04
SDA AeForest Rd3
SDA Dunkeld Rd2
SDA Moy Rd1
WWW Round 3
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Race Diary Winter 2004/2005

Well here it is, one of the most comprehensive downhill race guide on the internet for the winter 2004/2005. Instead of listing each series on it's own page, we've decided that one page is all we need. You can now see at a glance which races conflict. All Scottish Races are in BOLD.

For more information on each race series click the check mark in the web column and if an entry form is available from descent-world a check mark will appear in the E/Form column, pretty simple, eh?

More dates will be added as they flow into HQ, so keep checking back and don't forget to read the small here

november | december | janurary | feburary | march

Date Event (Click for Report) Location
november 04 | back to top
6 - 7
Dragon Winter Race Rd 1 Taff Buggy Trails
27 - 28
Dragon Practice Day Abercarn (Sat Only)

december 04 | back to top

4 - 5
Dragon Practice Day Mountain Ash (Sat Only)
11 - 12
Dragon Winter Race Rd 2 Abercarn
18 - 19
Christmas Classic Sheffield Indoor online    

janurary 05 | back to top

1 - 2
Dragon Practice Day Abercarn (Sun Only)
8 - 9
New Zealand NPS Rd 1 Treble Cone Online
15 - 16
Winter Wet & Wild Rd 1 Innerleithen online
Specialized Winter DH 1 Hopton online
New Zealand NPS Rd 2 Christchurch online
22 - 23
New Zealand NPS Rd 3 Dunedin
29 - 30
New Zealand NPS Rd 4 Blenheim

feburary 05 | back to top

5 - 6
PORC BR4R Rd 2 Penshurst, Kent online    
12 - 13
New Zealand NPS Rd 5 Wellington
19 - 20
Winter Wet & Wild Rd 2 Innerleithen online
Specialized Winter DH 2 Bringewood online
New Zealand NPS Rd 6 Auckland

march 05 | back to top

5 - 6
PORC BR4R Rd 3 Penshurst, Kent online    
12 - 13
Winter Wet & Wild Rd 3 Innerleithen online
Maxxis Cup Spain Rd 1 Tossa de Mar (Girona)
Specialized Winter DH 3 Bringewood online
19 - 20
BUSA Student Champs Innerleithen online
Maxxis Intl Cup DH 1 Gouveia (POR)
Aston Hill Rd 1 & 2 Aston Hill, Wendover
26 - 27
BC NPS Rd 1 Ae Forest online

Small Print

We at descent-world want you to check with the organisers before entering any of the above events, descent-world cannot accept any responsibility for any changes to the race schedule shown above.


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