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Battle Royal 2005
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Saturday and Sunday the 8th and 9th of October 2006
Doncaster Motor Park, near Finningley.

The Descent-World van was packed Friday night, necessaries included:
1x Maxxis E-ZeeUp - It always rains up North and it did.
1x Spy Umbrella - See above
1x Pair of wellys - See above
1x GoreTex coat - See above
Do I go on? It always fookin’ rains, the heavens never opened and opened they did for a good few hours between 16:00 and 20:00 turning the track and pits into a mud bath.

Firstly, please join with me in congratulating Vanessa Quinn who next year will be called Vanessa Page! Nige has done the honourable thing and popped the question! Nige has agreed if I make it over to New Zealand “I” will be chief Bridesmaid! So no trying to snake me any of you b1tches out there...

Jim Davage - Going deep!

£35.00 was all it was for this two day extravaganza that included your minibike ride, camping and the nights festivities! Practise started promptly at 10:00 as we all rallied around the fast track learning the lines. During the week Stu Hughes, Andrew Titley and Tristan from done a stirling job in designing and building this awesome track. This track had everything, a wicked step down into a long straight with mellow whoops to either manual or jump into a bermed out left corner before powering it out and flat-out into a huge right hand banked berm, stay pinned and launch the big step up table that was well over 30ft in length!

Dive hard into a left handed berm still with speed and flat-out onto a long and forever right hander. Through the ruts and onto a 30ft table top that the day before was a step up. Tristan binned it here the day before and over jumped it and landed on top of his bike. No more riding for him as he stumbled around the car park for the rest of the weekend. Sat a.m and the step up was removed and the table remained..

Then the wall ride, X-Games inspired? See our forum for a pic of Pastrana doing a front flip! Low was the fast line but for those wanting fun and a heart attack, as high as you wanted! Next up a step up, into a funky table that threw you up and at the landing some 15ft away. The last corner was were all the action was with a tight and slow inside or a wider line that saw everyone fall off or get barged.

Peat [centre] - Just Calm Down Now!

Saturday also saw the big Moto-X track open and the likes of the “Don”, Longden, Warner, Peaty, Hopkins, Faulkner, Bryceland Junior and Senior, Danny Hart, Stu Jenkinson, Maria Conway, Marc Beaumont all go for an arm pumping couple of sessions. I even saw the old boy, Tim Flooks onboard his KTM 300 Enduro riding like a pussy.

With Saturdays MiniBike being one big session it was all fun, no real racing except that against your mates... The heavens poured at 16:00 sharp and most retreated, whilst Bryceland and Brendan got it filthy.

Then the real fun, the large Marquee was set up with the DJ console in the middle surrounded by hay bails with an oblong race track perimetered by more bails with the spectators squeezed in between those and the tent walls. For the pricely sum of one dollar you got 6 laps of the dirtiest racing I have ever seen onboard stock Jing Cheng 50s courtesy of Steve’s personal fleet. Foot out flat out, elbows high and send your advisory into the crowd. It was like one of those bare knuckle fights where you get knocked out and the crowd pick you up, place you on your bike and send you back in!
Everyone crashed and as the night went on straw, bottles and other missiles started to descend onto the by now slightly lubricated riders, even more so once Peaty did a few laps discharging from his left hand a paintball smoke cannister!

I’m still coughing now! Racing was interrupted by the large pyrotechnic fire display and fireworks which made the crowd go “Wooo” and Billy Cheetham "Ooohhh"
as a discharged rocket whistled to the ground with an almighty "Thud" inches away from him. By this time everybody was wrecked and the Essex Chav contingent nearly got knocked out for messing with Stu Hughes and Pete Crump who started it..
Back to the racing and a very drunk Marc Beaumont was on the MIC abusing everyone insight.

Stu Hughes

Doncaster is a dirty Friday night out.. Dirt is the only way to describe these Shaz birds, gold hooped earings, scraped back gelled hair, white boots, short skirts and great tits!
How desperate were some to see? Harper, Faulkner, Hopkins etc.. desperately tried to get in one local club with a shoes only door policy. How did they get in? By pulling their socks over their trainers! Sat a.m and they’d all been to Asda to buy Moccasin slippers (looked like shoes) for the incredible price of £6 a pair, winner!

Sunday morning and the aftermath.. Royals Nick Bayliss awakes with "Whore" written in permanent marker across his chops.. The same vandal then nicks my petrol can and petrol and flushes the Chavs out of their tents with a ring of fire.. No names mentioned, though some Dread locks were found at the crime scene.

Gummy was smashed as was Steve Goode, I reminded him what he said to me that night, "Si, you weren't lying about your mini bike were you"? I scratched by bonce..
He replied, "You have only ridden it 3 times haven't you, you were sh1t out there". Yes he was right! Saturday was full of pro riders i'm sure, the only ones I overtook were under 5 and that was a struggle.

Sunday was a different story with what seemed every man and their dog turning up! With 237 riders signed on it was like the start of the London Marathon. Once the start opened if you were at the end of the queue some riders were on their 2nd lap before you even got a sniff on the track. It was like the M25 out there in some corners with riders going down more often than Jamie Faulkner.


Racing started at ??? who cared.. The under 12s went out and were ripping then the carnage, us lot... Just get out there on the line and the first 30 went for 6 laps. Revving your tits off on the line waiting for the command then Baaaarrrppp! 30 strong into the right hand berm and elbows and boots came flying in like a street fight in Glasgow. Riders went down, stalled on the big doubles and still came back up for more with big smiles. This was 6 laps of barging, cutting up and staying in front of the man behind at all costs whilst trying to catch up the man in front.

Where did you finish? Who cares.. That’s not the question you were asked.. Your answer was more like, " I nearly died over there, there and there as well.. He smashed into me, I smashed into him.." Get the picture?

This was all about fun, no pedalling, no queues, no uplifts, no timing and no rules. Two days of getting out on the track, riding till you were goosed, in for a rest and then back out all day long!

On behalf or everyone there who either rode or spectated, many thanks to Tristan from get logged on there if you need anything for your Minibike! Along with Stu Hughes and Titley. Also to Nick Bayliss and Dan White from Royal and of course some bug fella called Steven. After giving us that emotional roller coaster of a time at Fort William with that win that will go down for those that were there as "One of the best moments of my life".. He stops of the season with this annual Royal Racing party! THANKS.

Will Longden

If you want real bang for your buck then get yourself there next year, Descent-World will be for sure..

Descent-Gear in 2006 are proud to announce they will be stocking the full range of Royal Racing product.
See it trackside and online very soon.

No-Clips Team.


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