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Interview: Danny Hart

by superfly

Over the next few months you'll see here an indepth interview of some of the UKs hottest talent. They all have three things in common; 1- They can all ride a bike. 2- All the questions were provided by you on the forum. 3- They are all member of the Descent-World Team for 2005. Danny Hart introduced..

Danny Hart

The 1st guy I approached to ride for the Descent-World Team in 2005 was Danny Hart. I'd always seen him ripping around doing the biz but never expected him to have the impact on me that he did after seeing him jump the big table in the middle of Fort Bills 4x course.

Ask anyone who was there at the 2004 National Champs, they'll tell you about Danny going higher than anyone.

Now heres your chance to understand a little more about some home grown talent that will go a long way..

SF - What do you think makes you such a good rider at such a young age?

DH - I go up to Hamsterley, Inners and I somtimes go up to Ae forest. My Dad really helps me out quite alot telling me where I am going wrong and what I need to improve on as well as telling me where I am looking good and if I need to up my game a little bit. Last year Will Longden really helped me along, that brought me on alot.

SF - How did you get into mounatin biking?

DH - I raced BMX from the age of 8 and in my first year of racing I got sponsored by Animal. When I was 10 I did a little bit of XC and it just progressed to downhill from there, I got special dispensation from Rodger Wilbreham BC, which allowed me to race as a juvenille although I was 2 years too young.

SF - How do you think the Balfa compares to the Scott you rode last year?

DH - The Balfa is way smoother than the Scott, with having the linkage along with the 5th Element and Boxxers tuned by Tim Flooks ( The whole bike is better.

SF - Do you ever go to school? We always see you at Inners, Ae or Hammsterley?

DH - Yes I am always at school except for the occasional Friday when I have to travel a along way.

SF - What race series will you be attacking in 2005?

DH - Well I will be doing the NPS, SDA and 4X points series.The DH National Champs,Scottish Champs, 4X National Champs and hopfully the National XC Champs, and if possable any races that come up at Hamsterley

SF - How often do you ride/practice?

DH - I try and get out on my XC bike 1-2 times a week in the Winter, and if I am not racing I will often go to hamsterley on a weekend.

SF - Do you have any training routines or is it all practise?

DH - I do not have a strict training routine, I am only 13 and I think I am too young for all that.

SF - Do you ride specificaly DH, or do you enjoy other disciplines of cycling?

DH - No I like to do a little bit of XC, dirt and I like to go to the skatepark.

SF - What are your ambitions for the future?

DH - In the near future to win the DH, XC and 4x national titles and to carry on riding well.

SF - Who influences you?

DH - My Dad and Mom (Paul and Sue).

SF - Whats the best piece of advice you have been given before?

DH - To enjoy my riding (Will Longden)

SF - Who are your main riders to beat this year in Juvennile?

DH - I don't class anyone as a main rival as you don't know who might turn up on the day, so I shall just take one race at a time.

SF - What in your opinion is the best place you have ever ridden or raced?

DH - Les Gets/Morzine and Fort William

Suicide No Handers - Innerleithen Bombhole March 2005 [foto: Ian Linton]

SF - You always seem to be good at your tricks. You were seen at Inners pulling a big no hander SICK! What else can you do? What are you learning to pull?

DH - I am working on different stuff in the skate park but short of a suicide there is not a great deal more you can do clipped in on a dh bike.

SF - Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

DH - Doing well on the world circuit.

SF - How did you convince your dad to let you give up schoolboy MX and travel the country riding downhills instead?

DH - I did not do a great deal of MX, I raced a season of autos and then got a KX60 but by this time I had my eye on BMX but I do fancy a Kawasaki 85 it's just a case of persuading Dad!

SF - Do you think being from an MX background is helpful on the DH bikes?

DH - Yes, being from a racing background, my dad raced MX and moto bike road racing for years.

SF - Do you do any other sort of training apart from cycling?

DH - I did a little bit of XC running in school time but nothing else really.

SF - Have you ever ridden trails/do you ever want to?

DH - yes I have locally but that is about it.

SF - Do you ever ride your Dads mini bike?

DH - Only if I nick it when he is not looking.

SF - Your Dad crashed hard on his face (no helmet) riding that mini bike.. Did you see him do it?

DH - Yea I saw the hole thing, it was horrible, blood, snot and shit everywhere (I told him to put a helmet on!)

SF - Whats the worst injury you have ever had?

DH - Collar bone and eleven stitches in my lip doing dirt.

SF - You use your middle fingers to break which is a little unusual, why? Do you have any other unusual tendencies?

DH - I pick my nose with my other finger!

Danny - Innerleithen minefield WWW Round 2

SF - When was the last time you were grounded? Why?

DH - Never really, I'm always a good lad!!!!!

SF - Do you ever get fed up of winning, would you like there to be more competition to test you?

DH - Nope, I just compare my times to youth

SF - Who do you think will be up and coming this year?

DH - Gary Forest is flying right now, you should have seen the line he did at the bottom of Inners.

SF - Has your attitude changed to the people you race with as you seem to dominate your category? Or have peoples attitude changed towards you because you now dominate?

DH - No we are all mates untill I'm on the track.

SF - Did it never bother you not being able to touch the ground on your old Orange Patriot? (You were seen at a winter round of the Inners races were you climbed onto your bike clipped in and being no where near the ground)!

DH - I am still a bit like that, it dosn't bother me I do not touch the ground when I pedal.

SF - Will Superfly ever persuade you to bin the "Devil Pedal"?

DH - You are having a laugh!!!!!!

Many thanks to Danny for answering the above! Keep an eye out for a Balfa test sometime soon.

Stay Unclipped!


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