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This for many of you will be your first introduction to me, a Seventeen year old girl from Crewe, England who races BMX and in time, will dominate MTB 4x.

After reading this interview, you should have a better understanding of me as a person. I hope you will all think of me as a badass chick who kicks guys butts on the track. Then outside of the sport, I’m a real girly girly. I'm 100% focused and dedicated and that will lead me to win Gold in the 2008 Olympics!

Descent-World invites you to meet Shanaze Reade.

Interview by Si "Superfly" Paton..

SF - What’s your date of birth?

SR - 23rd of September 1988.

SF - What do you think of big 26" wheels then?

SR - I've just got my MTB dialled up and ready to go, just note I’m running 24inch! I love it so much, MTB’s are so much fun and it feels just like my BMX which is a bonus.

W1 something worth smiling for

SF - Do you ride street?

SR - I sometimes hit the street with few guys but I mostly sit and watch or manual about on my back wheel. That’s until one guy will shout, "Shanaze, try jump this gap".. and I’ll try it.

SF - How are you down the trails?

SR - Trails I love so much, too much fun. I love to learn new tricks and I can now do big One Handers, No Footers, X-Ups, Flat Tables and Turn Downs. Next trick to learn is flips! I'll keep you all posted when I do them.

SF - We’ve seen you riding at Sheffield indoor on and your first straight sprints looked faster than anyone else there. How much of an advantage do you think spd pedals provide, or would you say its more down to rider skill and power?

SR - I have always practiced my first straights its where the race is pretty much won in BMX. You cannot just have the skill with out the power or visa versa, you have to have them both. Using clips you have to be smooth and they help with the power. For me clips or flats I’m not bothered. I always go by saying if your a good enough rider you will be able to ride on anything. Obviously clips make you ride so much faster, you get that AA Pro pull!

SF - What experience have you of riding MTB’s?

SR - I have always had a MTB as a little nipper, would ride around making jumps with the local kids. Though on a race level not much at all, or to be more honest, none . The only thing I can kind of relate it to is racing my cruiser which is 24" and I do well on that. (She's only World Champion).

SF - What do you know about Rachel Atherton?

SR - I hear from people she’s a very good down hill rider. I saw her at the BC Rider Awards a while back and she seemed a very chatty and cheerful chick.

SF - What’s your high heels to handbag ratio?

SR - 1:4, I love to dress up as every girl does. BMX sucks at times as it's not the most feminine of sports is it? That’s why I love to be queen of after party! Ya get me?

SF - You'll certainly dominate the 1st straight on the 4x tracks, how do you think you will handle the corners when its rutted, muddy and slippy as hell?

SR - I don't no yet, I will have to experience these things, I’m sure after some practice I will get used to it! I can adapt to things quite easily so lets hope I can when I race MTB.

SF - You've been racing against the boys in the Nationals, do some of them have a bit of a problem when you're beating them?

SR - I am usually always top 3 when racing the guys. I have been racing them now for 2 years and I was almost the National Champion last year though had to settle for the No 2 spot. The boys in BMX are all kool, some spit there dummy out but I just let them get on with it! It's really quite fun to watch when I kick their booties..

Ripping at Coppul

SF - The Guardian newspaper ran an article which featured "16 of the brightest and best" 16-year-olds in the UK. You've been in the Guardian / Observer newspaper before, do you know someone who works there?

SR - No the Observer spotted me when I did some other work for a National newspaper. I love doing all kinds of interviews and radio work as I like people to not just hear about me but get to know what I’m like as a person. I hope you all think i'm alright up to now with what you have read.

SF - We’ve heard that you're going to be worth £3m in the next few years?

SR - HAHA have you? I heard that some place too, STRANGE!

SF - Is it true you've been busting out some secret training sessions with the likes of Staffy, Mclean and Hoy at Manchester Velodrome??

SR - Nope its not true but this Winter I will be training as hard as them guys and will be getting tips from me favourite rider Jamie Staff. Next year I’ll come out faster than ever, my goal is to be the fastest girl to be on 2 wheels in 2006.

SF - What would you like to achieve this year and would you consider downhill racing in the future?

SR - Well I have a lot of goals for next year. - Double World Champion again in both 20" and 24". - To be top 2 on the World Cup 4x Series. – BMX European Champion in both 20" and 24". - Ranked National top 3 in the 19+ guys.

SF - Would you ever consider downhill?

SR - Well I don't know, I can jump and I’d give it a go, but those drop offs and crazy things like that I don't no if that’s me?

SF - Crewe BMX track on a Tuesday night back in 1996/7was like riding a pro moto. Holmes, Clayton, Page, Stanford, Bancroft, Patonator, Ives and Scouse Mike etc.. Bobs gate practice was legendary with dead man gates, full track and then back up, a real training session. Do you know of Bob and all the good work he did, is he still about? Can you pass on my regards!

SR - Bob I have known for many years and I still go round his crib to see how the old fella is doing. Did you hear not so long ago he had a heart attack and took himself to hospital1 He's crazy. Bob helped me so much in my first year of riding back in 1999. I can kinda of put my success down to him he had so much desire for the sport. He was that hooked sometimes he'd go over top because he wanted to see us all succeed and be the best.

SF - What goals have you left in BMX?

SR - My goals with never be complete until I am the Olympic Champion! Then they will not be complete until I repeat that performance in front of the 2012 London home crowd!

SF - What influenced you to start racing?

SR - My uncle has 2 kids and they used to do race, he said, "Shanaze there’s a local race on do you fancy coming down to watch?" I went and had a little go and was hooked since then. I have always been sport mad and used to do athletics for 6 years prior to racing BMX.

SF - Any bad injuries?

SR - Hmm I have had a few! Hasn't every cyclist? You have to have that bounce back ability!

Jeremy and Shanaze

SF - What can you tell us Jeremy Hayes your coach? One good point and one point to improve about him?

SR - Good points??? He's an amazing coach because without him perhaps I wouldn't be where I am today. Along with that he is a true friend and not just a coach. One point to improve about him, hmm ..... needs to get training or I’m going to kick his ass next year in the National Series, HaHa..

SF - Who are your 4x MTB sponsors for 2006?

SR - I will keep you all guessing!

SF - Will you race 24" or 26" wheels?

SR - I think be 24 inch although I will be training over the Winter on 26" to see if I can adapt to the bigger wheels.

SF - What 4x World Cups will you be racing in 2005?

SR - I am sad to say you will not see me attending any for this year. Next year I’ll hit it up at the World Champs and a select few World Cup 4x races! I had planned to of raced in Italy but I am out with a knee problem at the moment which sucks..

SF - Final note..

SR - I think we mainly covered everything, there was enough questions.. I'd like to say thanks to Si and the Descent-World readers for their questions and doing this interview. A big thank you goes out to all my sponsors.. Adidas, Science in Sport (SIS), Troy Lee Designs and KOXX Bicycles.

Koxx Racing

SF - Many thanks to Shanaze for taking time out to complete the above. We wish her knee a speedy recovery and every success in the Olympics. I can see another big wager coming on!

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