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Luke Cockburn rides Dunkeld.

Luke Cokburn may best be known for his antics on the British Downhill series, but like all the best riders, he’s a versatile beast.

The lad from Sunderland can throw whips down in Whistler with the best of them, and when, and if, the time comes we’re sure he could embarrass some Enduro names too.

We took him to Perthshire with us to film a RAW video on the Infamous Loam that is Dunkeld…..

Ginge, as Luke is aptly nicknamed, has been given an Identiti Mettle for the year to thrash around the woods and he’s not been shy in taking the bike to all sorts of limits.

We started on the original DH track in Dunkeld, before venturing over to some lesser ridden trails (Thanks to Taj at Flotech for the advice) to how Luke would deal with some mellower terrain…..

Hopefully the video gives you an idea of what this shy and quiet lad off the bike, can do when you give the tools that are up to the task.

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