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Why 4X Wednesdays are so good.

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When Euan Rossi asked us to help out with 4X Wednesdays back in January I was a bit nervous. 4X seemed to be a dying discipline to me, even though it’s one I loved myself and even took podiums at a few National 4X races back in the day when they ran alongside DH races.

Well, how wrong I was to be nervous! The January night at Cumbernauld was cold, dark but so much fun and had a huge attendance. The latest night was less well attended, partly due to it’s geographical location but was an incredible evening with Dads, Mums, Young Rippers, Old Rippers, Beginners and everyone in between enjoying the riding.

Euan Rossi, already putting in as many hours under the sun as an NHS surgeon, really has started to build a scene, and that’s where it all begins.

Sure, mountain biking has got bigger and we see people with 30k Instagram followers who you never actually see at events. That’s sad, because it should be the scene, getting out, riding and hanging out together that binds us – not social media.

That’s why 4X Wednesdays has bucked all the odds and proven to be a success because it takes a simple idea of people having fun on their bikes, being able to session sections, laugh, joke and have a good time and executes it brilliantly.

People could learn a lot from these nights, and the more they happen, the bigger the actual, physical scene will get because they are infectiously good fun.

‘Mon the 4X nights!

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