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5 reasons why you should race SDA Round 5

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1) The off season is coming. It’s the perfect excuse to see your mates, get in a ride at Fort William on a top class track and make some memories. A bit motional I know, but it’s true.

2) Beat your mate. Not much better than getting one over on your mate is there?

3) It could be your last chance. DH is changing fast. It’s a fantastic sport that anyone can participate in. Heck, race Fort William on a hardtail (Like Chris Hutchens used to) and you’ll e immortalised for ever.

4) The motor way jumps. Bar the 50:01 line at Revs bike park are there a better set of jumps on a race track in the UK?

5) You can’t get much better craic. Awesome setting, the midges are nearly gone, it’s a proper mountain and an awesome track. You might even make the Descent-World official recap video.

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