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SDA Round 4: Aberfeldy

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SDA Round 4 | Aberfeldy

The race that nearly never was.

Above: How awesome is this? Louise Ferguson took a bit of a digger, pushed back up and nailed the first rock drop time after time. She took the win by a mere 0.65 from Elena Melton – Great racing from these pinners!

The fourth round of the Scottish Downhill Series at Aberfeldy was always going to be hotly anticipated – albeit by less numbers than usual. The SDA pulled out all the strings to ensure that this race went ahead and when all was said and done 108 racers had the time of their life bombing down what is one the most original, refreshing and sick race tracks in the UK.

There had been some notable work done to the track with Fraser Houston and crew putting in some serious graft to take away some of the technicality that has traditionally kept some racers away from this track. With a bit more flow, some nice weather and grins all round, Saturday practice was one of checking out lines, hitting features for the first time and getting up to speed.

There were some casualties and we wish Dave Taylor, who snapped his leg some 30 seconds after this photo was taken a speedy recovery.

When it came to racing, it looked like we might have been treated to an epic battle between Ben “Vlog” Cathro and Greg “Willy” Williamson but sadly Greg left after Saturday practice to attend an already arranged family event. That left the door wide open for Ben, who took a comfortable victory and fastest time of the day by four seconds.

Taking second fastest time of the day was youth rider Jamie Edmondoson, who put in a stellar performance and it’s great to see younger riders rising to the challenge – something we haven’t seen for a few years now – and take on the elite riders. Rad.

You can find full results here, and in the meantime enjoy this photo recap from Keith Bremner.

You winner and 2nd overall, Jamie Edmondson.

Ironic – Dull by name, but not by Nature. We’re guessing boring must have some sick tracks too?

The pied piper played his tune and the racers came a riding!


Jake Kirkwood, we salute you.

Tea Jensen making light work through the upper section.

Caption contest anyone? Discussing Pete Walton’s Glencoe crash or who was headlining Glastonbury? The rock drop is a forever talking point.

Greg Williamson, Scotland’s fastest downhill racer, turned up for some practice on Saturday before heading away for a pre arranged family do on Sunday.

Brandon Gonsales, Senior mens winner and a big fan of this track.

How sick is this shot? Ryan Brannen getting his post turn compression to jump on. Sick.

Louise Ferguson leads out Elena Melton in practice. Mates and rivals.

Liam Higgins – 2nd place junior for the Progression Bikes rider.

Cameron Chisolm took 2nd in Youth, albeit 9 seconds behind a flying Jamie Edmondoson.Still – a great ride from Cameron in a keenly fought class.

The man with the plan. You should get yourself one of these magazines and read his interview about the SDA.

The man himself, Mr Spicy, back on the big rig and into the top ten.

The Empire Strikes back!

What can you say about Big Benji? He’s like a fine wine isn’t he? Nearly 30 now and still cracking the whip of the younger riders. 1st place.

A huge thanks to all the SDA, riders, Keith Bremner and parents who all contribute to this fantastic series.

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