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Reverse Carbon Seismic Bars, Seismic-Ergo Grips and Escape Pedals – Tested

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It was back in late November when these products from Reverse dropped into the DW office for long term testing. Straight out the box they feel like a quality product, you know what I mean it’s hard to put your finger on it but you just know.

Carbon Seismic bars with shock absorbing technology.

What’s that you say? Well these bars have had extensive testing in the EFBe testing laboratory to meet the challenge for less arm-pump without compromising the durability of the carbon bar. This technology has been developed over the last two years on the request of the Solid race team for a handlebar with the ability for self-damping. Well having used the bars on numerous uplift days and general hooning around the valley for the last few months I can assure you that they do have an affect on reducing arm pump. I really had quite a bit of scepticism about what was being claimed but I now have to admit I was wrong. There are still a lot of people out there that don’t trust carbon bars and you do see a lot breaking, but that’s because most of them probably had over tightened clamps on brakes or stems. Maybe not all but I’d bet on most, hands up who all uses torc wrenches?

RRP 169,90 Euro.

Here we have the shock absorbing Seismic-Ergo grip to do along with the seismic bars. Now, when I saw these I thought those are going to be harder to hold onto than a greased pig in the wet! But maybe not here’s why – they have been designed to be used with the seismic bars and the special silicon foam grip has the best micro vibration filter and damping performance in their range.

The silicon foam compound not only softens the ride and takes out harsh feedback from the handle bars, it also offers superb grip in the wet. This grip is aimed for bare handed riders and the memory foam builds a great contact with your hand. I’ve been using these in some real crap wet cold winter riding and can honestly say I’ve never had a hand slip off the grip. Only time it’s happened was on the numerous times I’ve clipped trees using the wide 790mm bar combo on the tight Inners trails.

RRP 29,90 euro.

Escape pedals.

With 16 steel and 8 aluminium pins per pedal and a pin-height of 4mm above the 100mm square platform (looks bigger to me) these will provide ample grip, but one slip and your shin will never be the same again! Not the lightest flat pedal out there but at 406 grams not the heaviest either. For reference, a Shimano MX80 is 500 grams.

“The ball bearings/du-bushings feel solid and plush and up for a bit Scottish winter riding!”

Well they have had just that as you see from the photo above. After a good few months of grim Scottish winter rain and slop the Escape’s are still running smooth and feel plush as the day they were fitted. All credit to them because if you checkout the photo at the bottom of the article you can see the punishment they have endured. Not only did I use them on the Alpine but they were fitted to the Nukeproof Mega we tested, they had a good few pedal strikes during the time they were tested to the limit and held up well. Going by what they feel like right now I’d say they were bullet proof.

RRP is 79,90 Euro.

To wrap things up I’ll go back to what I said at the start they felt like quality products when they came out the box and they delivered on that when they were used and abused over the wet winter months. Next time I’m looking at new bits for the bike I’ll most definitely be looking at Reverse products as an option.

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