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First Impressions : FUNN Chainguides | Pedals | Seatpost Dropper

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Some interesting products arrived at Descent World’s HQ the other week from FUNN. The company have been producing top quality products since the late 90’s and have been involved with some of the top riders in the world over that time like Sam Hill to name just one. Before we even get to the products I have to say I love the boxes, they look and feel like quality products which is a good start.

Now what’s in these nice boxes..

Zippa Lite Chainguides

Most folk now ride 1×10.11.12 setup these days with a narrow wide chainring so do you need a chainguide? Well I think you do as there’s nothing worse than dropping your chain at that most inopportune moment on that strava kom run, not that I know that feeling. But seriously if your racing do you want to take that chance? The Zippa Lite range comes in E-Type(SRAM S3) / D-Type / ISCG05 fitments and can be run with or without a bash guard, and chainring sizes 26t – 36t. Bash guards come in 2 sizes to cover smaller 26t – 32t and your bigger 34t – 36t rings. Out the box they seem really good quality and super light at 30g – 34g. Looking forward to getting this fitted to the bike.

Mamba Clip Flat Pedal

Most folk will be looking at the photo and thinking “are those flats or clips?” Well both actually and I’m quite looking forward to giving these a try. I’ve always had this hankering to get away from flats but wasn’t really sure, so this might just be the answer to make that jump. They weigh in at a reasonable 450g a pair and feel like a real top quality piece of kit.

RRP £119.99

Python Flat Pedal

When I opened the box and took one of these Python pedals out I just looked at it and spun it around and played with it for about 5 minutes. They feel and look awesome, nice big platform and only weighing in at 375g a pair. Fully CNC’d from 6061 alloy with a CrMO axle on self lubricating cartridge bearing and oozing quality.

RRP £119.99

UpDown Seatpost

I’ll admit to not really knowing much about this UpDown seatpost before I opened the box but since reading more about the product I’m really excited to get it on the bike. FUNN was able to keep the weight down to 570g without compromising strength by building the post from 7075 alloy. The cartridge design makes for easy maintenance and service by the user. Replacement cartridges can be ordered from FUNN and are readily available. It’s been designed with an externally routed cable to ensure that the seat post will work with every frame on the market. It comes with a fully CNC’d remote lever that can be positioned in 4 different positions allows riders to customise the remote position for maximum control.

RRP £196.99

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