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Danny Harts Descend Bike Park – “Hotlaps”

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Have you ever wanted the chance to compare your time against the top UK pros, and the 2016 World Champion with a full Freelap timing system on a track outside of a race where “Strava lines” don’t come into play?

A chance to push yourself against others outside of a race environment?

Well, from Monday, 26th December – you can.

Visit Danny Hart’s Descend Bike Park and take on the Descent-World Hot Laps challenge – all you need do is pay for your days membership and book out a FreeLap timing watch. The brilliant Joe, Sue or Paul – integral parts of the bike park will be hand to show you how to use them (and offer moral support!).

In association with the Forestry Commission England, you’ll be able to set a time down the infamous “Main Line” to “The Shoot” run – there’s a video of that track here below – take your helmet camera too and make sure you get a video. 

Have one run, or a few runs – there will always be a challenge in it and the honour of seeing your name upon the leader board online at .

From Monday, December 26th you’ll be able to upload your time, a link to a Youtube helmet cam run as verification  (Don’t try and steal one of Danny’s…we’ll guess it might not be you) and a profile photo so you can bask in glory when you take your place on the board. 

Over 2017 there will be some big names visiting the track to see how they fare for a video series and we’ll be doing a Descent-World video with the three fastest non elite / pro riders as well.

Random spot prizes will also be handed out over the course of 2017 to some of those who post a time!

For now, the “Ninja” sits at the top of the leader board and we’re excited to see who can knock him off first!

So now, instead of watching edits or posting comments all day, get out there on a steed of your choice (Bonus points if anyone sets a fast time on a hardtail), grab some mates and remember what riding is all about!

You can tag any images, or footage using #dwhotlaps or tagging @descentworld.


How can I set a HotLap time myself?

Easy – Simply go to Danny Hart’s Descend Bike park, pay your day membership and ask for a “FreeLap” watch.

There are instructions on how to use these at the bike park and the timing poles are permanently installed.

Don’t forget – you need to take a POV film of your run – Go Pros’s, Tom Tom’s, Sony action cams etc..are all great for this.

How do I load it onto the Descent-World leaderboard?

You’ll need to enter your Email address, a profile photo, the time you set, and a link to a Youtube video showing us your helmet cam run. The general public will then be able to watch your run and try to beat your time!

There is an online submission form available from Monday, December 26th 2016 by clicking here!

What is the Track?

The track is named “mainline” at the top and “the shoot” once you’ve crossed the middle fire road. It’s is a challenging track at speed, but a good competent rider should be able to ride it on nearly any mountain bike

Are there prizes?

Aside from pride and getting one over on your mates, we will have spot prize competitions running throughout the year.

Where is Hamsterley?

You can reach Hamsterley quite easily and directions are available here:

You can learn more about Danny Harts Descend Bike Park at their Facebook page

Disclaimer: Every person undertaking a run of “Hotlaps” accepts that this is NOT a race. Hotlaps represents a self timed run and with it riders accepts all liabilities. Membership to ride at Danny Harts Descend Bike Park must be paid and we always advise riders to have their own insurance policy. Descent World and Danny Harts Descend Bike Park accept zero liability against injury.

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