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First Impressions: OWN FR-01

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These shoes have been a long time coming. Well over a year ago, we saw teaser shots of the OWN shoes and couldn’t help but be intrigued- especially as there haven’t been any major leaps forward in shoe design since the dawn of “sticky rubber” over 10 years ago. OWN have put over 3 years of development into FR-01’s, from a team of guys with over 20 years experience in the outdoor footwear industry. They look different, thats for sure- but the main selling point is their functionality. There aren’t many products that you come across that look like they have been really thought through, which is the reason they’ve been delayed them from coming to the market for so long . OWN’s FR-01 shoes’ look to break the mould, with supreme quality, unrivalled attention to detail and features that make them look like a real gem for UK mountain biking.

So what do they do differently? The shoes come in two parts, an outer shell and an inner boot. The outer shell is made from DWR (waterproof) coated reinforced Kevlar with a tough heel cup and reinforced toe area. With minimal stitching and mega-robust looking construction, we’re expecting these to last a long while. The outer shell has been designed with materials that won’t absorb water, so you can get the shoes dried out easily for the next day of riding. The “Vibram” sole uses a sticky compound rubber to provide a grippy platform for flat pedals. The sole looks to be fairly tough compared to some sticky rubber shoes out there, which we’re viewing as a good thing; it’s easy to go through a set of shoes in 3 months when they’re too soft. It’s a tough balance to strike though, as grip is all important for a fact pedal rider- so we’re keen to see how OWN have done on this front.


‘All materials used were chosen for their durability, high abrasion resistance, lightness and water repellency. The FR-01 upper was created to be a virtually indestructible protective shell’.

The shoes come with 2 sets of inner boots- a ventilated warm weather set and a fleece lined cold weather set. Each set of boots has a D30 rubber insert to its sole, providing cushioning to impacts. The liners are made so you can take them out after each ride, wash and dry them inside and out- literally hosing them down. No water is held in the shoe meaning they should dry quickly – and not stink like a wet dog. Trying them on, they fit like sitting into a race car bucket seat (but comfortable) – very snug and no movement between the inner boot and outer shell.



The price for a set of FR-01’s is €220, probably one of the most expensive MTB shoes out there. If they can last twice as long as the average set (they do come with a 2 year guarantee), dry quickly and keep us dry/warm in winter/cool in summer- we’re more than sold. We’re going to be getting them soaked/covered in mud over the next few months so look out for a full review on how these innovative flat pedal shoes held up.

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