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Audio: Alan Milway – Coaching, Motocross and World Cup Tracks

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It’s been a few years since Alan Milway graced Descent-World with his presence, click here to see how long Alan has been involved in mountain biking. Back then he was living the life of the “seasonaire” out in the old ski town of Morzine, while slowly building up his clientel of a “who’s who” in motocross and downhill.

Alan Milway Alan Milway, Fort William 2015. Photo: @sloopjonbee

We caught up with Alan as the summer season truly comes to an end and chew the fat over his past, present and future.

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Here you go…one of the good guys, Alan Milway…

He’s trained a few good un’s in his time, through his coaching business and contacts with some fairly fast riders, some of whom became World Champions under Alan’s watch.

Right now he has finished a 4 year stint at Atherton Racing, during which time Rachel Atherton had a 13 race winning steak and several World Championships too.

Rachel Atherton has been utterlly dominant under Alan's coaching.

Alan’s no slouch when it comes to riding either, put him on an old 223, a CBR or a CR450F and he’ll show you that he does actually ride.

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