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Team Rumours – What on Earth?

This poem just landed through our letter box here at Descent-World HQ – We’re a bit perplexed and still trying to decipher what it could all mean…..

Trojan horses? Scotsmen stowed inside them? Dogs taking last suppers in the Alps?

Just which riders are going where?


Once upon time, a boat was sent,
To the south it sailed,
Many sights it saw,
A Trojan horse crossing chasms both far and wide,
In it was stowed a Scotsman,
With shore on the horizon a new vision appeared,
Built with wood working tools from Merthyr,
and able to withstand chemical 86,
A sight of beauty,
a melting of cultures were seen,
Haggis, Croissants, Sushi and Kumara,
The seas flattened,
Dogs took their last supper on alpine heights,
The air was still, but the storm passed by,
Broken suddenly,
A blue oval, roaring like the hounds of hell,
A bull upon its crown and a new fire burning,
After sound came sight,
and smell
A rich mix, departing into the distance and out of our beams,
There we sat, longing , dreaming
50 stars we saw floating over,
a vision of valleys in a princes kingdom,
with that we slept,
that one day soon,
a winning yeti we could come forth,
and join
the purest church of all.


Can anyone decipher this gobbledygook? And who sent it to us? And who the heck is this guy?


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