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Dan Atherton – Dyfi Video.

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The Atherton’s are some of our favourites here at Descent-World – We like their junior development race program, their concussion protocols and we really really love what Dan is doing at Dyfi Forest, Wales. Many people forget Dan won a 4X World Cup, had a 2nd place in a World Cup DH (Livingo 2004?) and really is one of the best bike handlers in the world.

He can also dig – We mean really dig. Having seen this first hand, with groms from his local village in tow, getting stoked on bikes, it’s hard to ignore anything Dan does.

Sometimes you get sent PR sent through that makes you stop and think – yes, this is pretty bloody awesome and worth posting. This video is one such instance.

Robbie Meade from Mount Creative is the man behind the videos, and he sent us through some words.


“Dan Atherton can often be found on the “worlds most stylish rider” lists but he’s probably as famous for his trail-building skills and his incredible work ethic as for his riding skills. This has never been more apparent as in this latest project which has seen him create two amazing lines in his beloved Dyfi Forest.

Dan said “ The tracks that you see in this edit have been a ridiculous amount of work, but you only get out what you’ve put in. This project will never really be finished, there are two tracks featured in the edit but they are definitely a work in progress; we’ve been working on these trails for a year and stuff’s already great fun to ride but there’s loads more I want to do.


The forest is awesome it’s got the same elevation drop as Fort William or Hardline but there are places where the terrain is relatively mellow, that meant we could build these cool flowing jump lines that you don’t have to brake on.

Some of the projects I’ve worked on like Hardline or the 4 x3 Quarry line have been so intense that you can only ride them when you are right on top of your game, this time I wanted to create something that was fun to ride every day and that we could ride with friends, not just for me, Gee and Rach but for all the guys who were out in all weathers helping to dig it.”


The edit was directed by Robbie Meade of Mount Creative. It will be the first in a series documenting Dan’s project in the Dyfi Forest. Watch the film in 4K on youtube!

Photo Credits: Robbie Meade, Dave Mackinson, Laurence Crossman Ems.

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