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Scott Mears injury update

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And the other angle. @tommyawilkinson

Photos: Tommy Wilkinson and Zach Faulkner.

We decided to catch up with North East legend Scott Mears, who’s had a bit of a rough time of it as of late. He’s a top grafter, cage fighter, bike shop owner and one mighty talented bike rider. Read on to see what’s up as our fellow North East bloke Tommy Wilkinson catches up with him.

Tommy Wilkinson So Scotty, can you give us an update on your injury?

SM: So 4 weeks ago i had a pretty big crash, snapped the femur in three place, snapped my elbow off with a compound fracture, through the skin, blood jarring out, it wasn’t good, luckily the boys I was with manned up and stopped the bleeding and helped me as much as they could, the main underlying problem was later on it was clear I had compartment syndrome in the leg, bit of a dark area but the Docs out there sorted the job right out.

TW: Well mate, you know I had compartment syndrome too, and it’s seriously nasty! Anyway, What’s the verdict for the future?

All looking well, depending on the metal work all should heal close to 100% i only lost about 5% of muscle during the operation so I should be able to off set that bugger! However I reckon it’ll be 4 months before I lay a flat one again!

Plans for 2017?

Basically same as usual really, all the sponsors have been great and as far as we go w’ere carrying on for 2017, few new little thing in the pipeline but I’ll still have the fox on my back with a cruz between the legs!Crack on really and my main aim is Fort William BDS may so I think it’ll all be hot by then and good to race!


Any advice for people in similar situations mate?

As i was laid in the hospital bed after the first 7 hour operation I was a bit off my face, thoughts did go through my head of knocking it all and choosing something else, but deep down whatever the mentality you have, for me, no matter what start line I turned up on, motocross, MMA, road racing, BMX I would still pull out from the beginning and give it 110%! I had a good think and let face it, I’m always going to do something stupid, so why not just stick to what I know!

Suns out guns out; Scotty Mears knew the protocal for the brilliant afternoon.

Lastly, how about some shoutouts?

Firstly the Full whistler crew of the lads who were with me, all the lads looked after me, hired a car and travelled 2 hours every day to see me hospital, brung me beef jerky and root beer, Andy W, DC, Flozz, Marple man, Dooga, Kev, Danny, Sophia, Questions, Neil the kayak, Luke the truth, The durham bear, Darren, The wife hunter, (inbox me if you ant to know the explanation to the nicknames…) haha class they were unreal!

The big man Binny and his girlfriend went beyond expectations and sorted everything out back home, flights, insurance, the lot give and my Mam and Dad freedom to just worry, haha soft twats!
Also just to all the sponsors and all the lads that have been in touch and helping me in the shop I wish I could give each and every one of you a bike for next year! Cheers crew, I’ll be back!

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