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Origin Raww LE Pedal Review

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When Lukan from Origin Bike got in touch via Top UK downhiller Rob Smith, we were intrigued. Pedals coming out of a component manufacturer in Bulgaria?

When we got chatting with the team at Origin, it was clear they had a real passion to go with their obvious engineering nous and background, with Lukan having a masters degree in the subject.

Having been a life long Easton Cully Pedal user , and with the likes of Burgtec making some superb flat pedals, the Origins have got some stiff competitions.

Inital thoughts

Upon taking the pedals out of the Box ( well padded and compact ) the finish was impressive but we couldn’t help but think that the Origin laser etched logo was in the wrong place – It’s a minor detail but we’d have liked to see it on a non contact point of the pedal.


The 22 pins are varying in length to add in a concave shape, something I find pretty critical when the going gets rough and when putting the power down. They are accessed from the underside via a 3mm Allen Key which is a nice, and essential touch incase you plan on whacking them off any granite! The finish was clean, though I had reservations about how long they’d stay immaculate.

The biggest , and only real negative was that there is no 8mm Allen Key head in the axle body, so you are going to be getting these on and off with a pedal spanner.

The weight was comparable to other players in the game, coming in at 384 grams, making them around the same as the 370 gram Burgtec Penthouse 3 ( Ti axle version ).

With a Cro mo 4140 axle it is the pedal body where the weight savings have been made, with a Aluminium 6082 CNC’d construction providing the platform.

On Trail

As mentioned, I’ve been a life long Cully pedal user so it was going to take a good pedal for me to feel comfortable and be impressed. The first bike I had the Raww pedals on was a Orange 5 which I rode on a variety of trails on the Isle of Arran. The trails were all fairly flowing but there were some steep climbs to work with.

Straightaway I immediately liked the feel of the Raww pedals – there was enough feedback through my feet but not so much pressure that the pedal became a distraction – something I’ve had with a lot of pedals. Climbing was just as good, if not better than with my Cully’s and when the climbing got technical I had zero bounce or unwanted slips – Given I can’t climb standing up, contact with my pedal is crucial for me to lay all the power I have down through my legs.

After a day riding some XC around Fort William and hitting some slightly rougher trail centra stuff, the bearings still felt incredibly smooth and everything was nice and tight.


The pedals are not the slimmest in the world at 19mm on the body, and with the pin heights at 5mm, 4mm and 3mm I was a bit concerned about hitting them off the things.

The pedals are now on my 2016 Giant Reign Carbon and with a 175mm crank on I have scuffed them a few times, but I think this is more due to having such a long crank and a soft suspension set up.

Aesthetically the paint has held up well, and the pins have been robust enough to handle anything I’ve thrown at them, but they could probably do with a thrashing down Fort William or Mont St Anne to really get a feel for that.

In Conclusion


A great set of pedals that I’m a convert to. While there are some aesthetic changes that would add a real finishing touch to the pedals
, the function is excellent and after 4 months of use, the pedals are still running very smoothly without being touched.

They are selling for 195 Bulgarian Lev, which is around £75 quid, making them at the better value end of the scale. Further more Lukan and the team are quite pro active, so if you need to contact them, they have a great response rate and follow up.

My verdict – Worth a shot for those in the flat pedal brigade.

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