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Cairns day 3 | Qualifying

  •  Reportage, World Cup DH


Above: The man is riding with a renewed vigor. Adam Brayton everyone. 18th. GAS TO TOP 20The spiders were out weaving, the cicadas were awake and chirping, and everyone not on a bike was dozing off in the heat. Today separated who looked fast, and who were actually fast. Qualifiers was a show, and a fast one at that. The Top 30 in Elite Men were separated by 9 seconds, and you had to be within 25 seconds of Troy Brosnan to make it onto the Pay Day round tomorrow.

Troy Brosnan looks like he is riding sped-up. 1st Elite Men. Editor Tommy would like to point out he predicted it would be Brosnan – Bruni 1 and 2 – so he’s 50% right – at the moment.

The Womens category saw a much larger spread in times, but all participants will go onto the Final, so there could be some wildcards at play. In Junior Men, there was an equally spread out field like that in the Women’s, with #1 rider Finn Iles ending up DFL after a crash at the top – but he is protected, so he will race tomorrow, first out of the gate. It’s anyone’s race in all three fields, and regardless of how the weather goes, it’s going to be some wild racing.

Rachel Atherton was apparently riding on a different track today, pulling 5.8 seconds out of second today. 1st Elite Women.

Finn Iles went down hard in the rocks up top. He picked himself up and finished, dead last. #1 plate means he is protected though, and thus he’ll be the first to set off out of the gate tomorrow.

Everyone is pumped to see Remy Morton finding his stride here on home soil. 3rd Jr. Men.


Matt Walker is out to prove he is a force to be reckoned with…perhaps using the actual force here (hover bike). 1st Jr Men.katy
Looking like she’s getting a hang of the bike-bike-life, Katy Curd is turning up the heat. 8th.

Eleonora Farina is a new name for most, but one worth remembering. 12th.

Veronika Widmann is finding great form this season. The ex moto rider has potential….

go pros
Future media / photo / video / will they pinch brayton’s bike (joking) Squids?

She has the pace, it’s just a matter of stringing it all together for a win. Morganne Charre, loving the Kiwi-German collab that is Bergamont

Making a hard push into the World Cup scene, Kiwi National Champ Alanna Columb is focused on the objective. 6th.

After Lourdes, Tahnee Seagrave ended up getting quite sick, and is still recovering here in Australia. She’s still putting in quite the effort considering. #hunger

Manon Carpenter is looking strong here in Cairns, and we can expect that she has a little more in the tank for finals. 2nd.


First at the top splits, and first in the speed trap, Tracey Hannah has been riding with incredible focus here in her home town. A small crash, but a fiery run put her in 3rd.


Bird-sized butterflies and manual-focused nature shot – all in a day’s work.


The weather honestly cannot decide what to do. The Farm’s Almanac is useless here. ( Editor – I think that’s an american ” Zach ” product…)flats
Riders were assessing all possible options in response to the on again/off again rain.


When two World Champions are struggling, you know the section is hard.

20 years ago, Sean McCarroll was the fastest qualifier here in Cairns, at the World Championships. Yep – faster than Vouilloz, Palmer, Peaty. Also, he too is looking straight into the camera…what? 73rd.

Josh Button
Another face came out of the woodwork of Australia, Josh Button put on a proper display of riding. 15th.


He has found his form of old in 2016. Greg WIlliamson. 17th.

He’s finding the pace and turning the consistency into speed. Kenta Gallagher, Greg’s mate. 47th. He makes better coffeee than you as well – that’s right – not all riders are full time pro’s.

Matt Simmonds, looking particularly comfortable here in Australia. Remember his 4th at World Champs, 2nd at Meribel – If its fast, don’t rule Matt out. 11th.

Dave McMilan

Dave McMillan, taking things a little more seriously on home turf, but still has time for some classic style. 63rd. #vanzacs


Danny Hart has been quietly going about this weekend, but isn’t going slow. Sleeves up, flat outmudd
Graeme Mudd; faster than you. Another Aussie proving that there are riders out there capable of upsetting the apple cart. This stuff is amazing. 12th place and surprising everyone.

Switching between flats and clips, Gee Atherton has been preparing for all scenarios. The winner here last time around.

Bernard Kerr can do more than just whip. It’s a long way from Pease Lake, but not so far from Queenstown. Feeling at home on the underside of the world

First-year Elite Laurie Greenland is adjusting to the new pace just fine. 29th.

Sam Blenkinsop goes fast in any direction. 16th and still finding his pace in 2016.


Josh Bryceland has been looking loose and relaxed all week. 5th all the way to the last split, it seems he got a little too lax. The final sprint is no joke and the fit will prosper. 36th, with some pedalling to do

Not his usual self here in Cainrs, Greg Minnaar will be looking to rally on race day. 37th. Don’t count him out. The head game on this bloke is strong.


George Brannigan, the Huck King. Finally showing us what he’s got, the wild man is within touching distance of the podium. vergier

Loris Vergier is looking stright into the camera in this shot…on whoops the size of Trossach’s…. 11th.


Too fast to capture, Mick Hannah is out to prove a point here at his home track. 2nd for one of the nicest guys in the pits, and with a crowd fully behind him

The lean-angle says it all: Loic Bruni isn't messing around - the win is within reach. 4th.

So smooth, so fast, and looking so composed, Aaron Gwin is on it. 3rd.

Top:The lean-angle says it all: Loic Bruni isn’t messing around – the win is within reach. 4th.
Bottom:So smooth, so fast, and looking so composed, Aaron Gwin is on it. Can he catch Troy and Mick tomorrow? Stay tuned….

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