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Just Landed.

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Descent-World “Slayer” T shirts.

Printed on high quality , 100% cotton American Apparel T shirts

Designed by artist Lois Vero, these are the first design in a three series collab.

We get our inspiration from lots of different places and the T shirts will be varied but Slayer played an obvious role here. These will be limited in run to 100 and with 20 gone already, it’s a great chance to snap one up.

It’s first come first serve! Email: if you want one. Payment via bank transfer.

Price £20 + 3 p&p.

Stock as of 15/04/2015 : 4 large | 4 small | 4 medium |

Size guide: A large will quite comfortably a 6ft 1 man at 85kg build / a medium will also fit ok, albeit a big more snug.


Fenwick’s Carbon paste.

Dan from Zyro sent this through to us, and we’ll be giving it a go in the next few weeks.

The blurb is as follows:

· Non porous packaging so zero risk of contamination
· Long applicator nozzle – no need for a grease gun, no mess when applied
· Easy to store – hang it up or stand it up. A good size for the tool box
· Clear paste with polybeads – non-smeary, non-staining
· Ideal for carbon-to-carbon or carbon-metal interfaces
· Prevents creaking
· Price £9.99 for 80ml, so great value too.

Once we’ve had a chance to run it, we’ll give you some more feedback.


Massage balls.

We got these sent through from Physio Room and to be honest, Editor Tommy Wilkinson has been using them non-stop to compliment foam rolling.

” I have actually been using this stuff since around 2009 with my old trainer Robbie Redpath but I kind of lapsed out a bit. I foam roll every day and these really compliment that. Great and getting buried into any awkward little knots . I use them a ton on my Glute med. “

So, there you go. If you get a bit tight, check them out.


Sony A6000

We constantly get asked about cameras. While all our pro photographers use Canon 1D and 5D models, this Sony camera perform admirably and is a good option for most people.

The standard lens is a 16-50 zoom at F3.5-5.6 . So while the sliding aperture might not give you the prettiest photos at anything tighter than 16mm focal range ( F3.5 ) it does shoot at 10fps making it a very fast burst. For most people shooting at f3.5 aperture gives them more options and is easier to control the focus while still retaining an OK depth of field for sporting applications.

The camera also films at 1080p and has an auto focus when filming which is fantastic. Ideal for raw banger edits.

With various upgrades available on the lens front ( Our tech-ed Max Neely uses a 50mm f1.8 a lot ) it is a sound investment and will open up your photography options a whole lot more than a point and shoot compact camera.

Price: Starting around £420 online.


Ilabb Cap size T Shirt

Ilabb are a rad Kiwi company we’ve been keeping an eye for a while. They run a lot of collaborations so that ticked our “cool” box straight away as that’s part of our own mantra. They have even run one with Descent-World favourite Brook Macdonald.

The T shirt is 100% cotton and feels nice on the skin, which is so important. Fit is great, with a little extra length on the front.

We like. Check out the full range here .

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