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Tension at Lourdes. Hot Seat Drama.

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Anyone who has ever sat in a hot seat will know just how nerve racking it is when you see a competitors split time appear in green . It’s uncomfortable to say the least. You’ve spent quite a while working towards winning but in reality you can only ever perform to the best of your ability on that given day.

Now imagine you have a huge crowd, the Red Bull cameras and Squids pointing cameras at you – How do you control any negative emotion that could be jumped upon by the keyboard warriors? Losing sucks and it’s hard not to show negative emotion.

We took some snaps at the hot seat in Lourdes to try and show just what pressure riders are under, and how admirably they really do perform. It’s not easy and all of them to a T showed just how great DH is as a sport with great camaraderie and good firm handshakes!


Fin Illes arrives early, and immediately gets comfortable in the hot seat.


Juniors Fin Illes and Matt Walker are all smiles .

Jeff Steber waits for junior rider Nik Nestoroff. He came in third.


Relief and congrats for Fin Illes


Tracey Hannah should have won in Lourdes 2015, this year she rode smarter and safer to claim a fourth.


Manon watches anxiously as Rachel Atherton approaches.

Tahnee Seagrave couldn’t match Rachels pace but kept it clean for second.

Team owner Fabien Cousiné awaits to see if Tracey will hang to third.

First World Cup final in over a year. Peaty gets his points and at 41 years old still schools just under half the field.

Andrew Neethling. All smiles after a horror 2015.

Sam Hill and Joe Connell.

Laurie Geenland, first senior WC. All smiles.

Ruaridh Cunnigham knows he is building. He sat with a quiet confidence. 19th.

Phil Atwill didn’t seem fased at all. No knock of the handlebars, no scrunched up face. Just laid back and stoked.

Congrats. Fist pumps and handshakes. Its the small things that count.

Eddie Masters . The drive to win is there with both Masters brothers.

Poor Alex Fayolle. Firstly bumped of the live feed after qualifying 11th, then loses his tyre clean of the rim.

Bruni seemed unfazed by his crash.

But he also had a few reflective moments.

The ice man. Cool, calm and collected. Gwin is the real deal.

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