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True or False – Rumours heard at Lourdes

With it being the first get together for the melting pot that is World Cup DH we overheard some interesting rumours at Lourdes – but we can’t verify any of them…. We got our man in the pits #deepthroat to collate what was heard.

Rumours !

Rumours !

So many teams were running blacked out tires , Maxxis Shorty’s being the noticeable choice for many….Carbon cranks were snapping all over the shop and the Treks appear to have a knack of snapping at the chainstays…but they ride amazingly well….YT MOB stands for ” motherfuckers” on bikes …..on the subject of Whitely rumour has it he has taken a wage drop and asked Gwin to take him on as team manager…..but he still owns the team trucks and a new Jaguar F Type in the pits….and keeps winning so who’s laughing….Kenta Gallagher has the coolest helmet in the paddock but according to MTBJesus is an Instagram hound and needs help to get more followers….

French light reading material…

Our own Zach Faulkner has finally completed Tinder thanks to a 54 dollar upgrade to the pro version…Hope’s Adam Brayton is determined to stay in the top 80, but the top 40 is even better….. Money seems to be the biggest talking point in the pits, with Gwin rumoured to be on over $1 million if he makes his bonus scheme , While Greg Williamson gets a new kilt and a haggis for a top twenty…….The big teams seem to be having a ” truck off **** off ” competition ….and the UCI have instigated an utterly shit new rule that the top twenty protected riders will always be the ones on the live feed….a privateer who qualifies 11th gets shoved back to 21st-from-last starter to make way for the live feed in finals….Talk about shutting off opportunity…..Fraser Mcglone is now a fully paid up member of the Yoga club and has to meditate 3 times a day to keep the anger down….expect big things from the Oban rocket…The team managers zone on finals day is like a World Cup from 15 years ago with Palmer, Pagey, Longden , Calouri, Guardia all in there….Junior James Purvis misses his qualifying run but will surely be a threat at Fort William…..Dirt’s Ben Winder is teaching Mike Rose to use the word Dude in Email….The Parkins started work at 10 am every day………..Rupert Chapman has been called up to play hooker for the All Black’s against England….Bernard Kerr has a Range Rover that he paid for in cash…..A lot of top riders are now getting ready to retire and move to car racing or rallying…..Rob Warner thinking of making a racing comeback now Red Bull won’t let him swear on the live feed…..

That’s all for now, #deepthroat signing off…..

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