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Lourdes WC: Finals Madness

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The chainsaw fumes have drifted off, the sound of horns has faded…the first round of the 2016 World Cup season has officially been marked “complete”. It was a bonkers weekend in the Haute-Pyrenees and things are only just heating up!

Everyone was stoked for Amaury Pierron this weekend – 5th place in front of the home crowd!

All smiles – quite the opening round! Photo: Social media hound / @tommyawilkinson


With the pressure on after qualifying in 1st, Tahnee Seagrave put in a great performance, finishing in 2nd at the end of the day.simen
Simen Smestad is a new name, but after seeing him ride, we certainly know how to spell it. 11th in Junior men.

First-year Junior Kaos Seagrave is showing heaps of potential. 10th.

Elliot Heap came out firing this weekend, and is showing no signs of stopping. 6th.

Jackson Frew took a big tumble in practice, but shook it off and hammered into 5th in finals.


Finn Iles won his World Cup debute in Lourdes this weekend. Impressive.


Sunday vibes in Lourdes. The fans arrived en-mass from around 11am. #hadtobedone

Looking comfortable, Morgane Charre found her way into 6th in front of the home crowd.

Emilie Stiegenthaler using every last millimeter of travel to hammer into 5th.

Looking strong and ready to race, Tracey Hannah starting out the season well with a 4th after a nightmare qualifying run.

I think the sentiment is nice perhaps, but the excecution seems a little misguided. I think the sentiment is nice perhaps, but the excecution seems a little misguided.

Manon Carpenter, low and fast for 3rd. Possibly not her ideal track, this was a solid start for Manon and she will build momentum in Cairns.

Hucking everything is how you win apparently. Rachel Atherton, winner of the season opener and utterly ruthless in her efficiency. Talking to her coach Alan Millway, the focus is on riding to the best of her ability each round rather than focussing on the result. The rest takes care of itself….

Focused and hangry, Fraser McGlone couldn’t match his 21st from last year on a rapidly drying track. 66th.

It’s exciting to see it all starting to click for Craig Evans. Grafting into 65th despite a cheeky high speed off.

Kenta Gallagher, 64th on the day, and just stoked to be moving on in one piece. He’s in good company going down in the exact same spot as a certain world champion….

Hucking for glory – 27th for Adam Brayton. No doubt demolishing Tinder and getting ready for Cairns. #aussieslovethetop80

Matt Simmonds. Not the result he would have been hoping for but plenty more to come for the Shropshire lad.

Harry Heath is quietly crazy. One of the nicest guys in the pits, he lets his bike riding do the talking.

Greg Williamson put down the power down today and didn’t snap his chain like last year. The Cube seems to suit Willy4skinz and we are chuffed to see him flying.

luca s
Off to a solid start, American Luca Shaw finding some pace on the holy terrain.


He’s still got it. Steve Peat in 42nd, and he’ll 42 years of age in June. Legend.benoit

If I was a betting man, I’d put all my money on Benoit Coulanges because he is one of the most consistant riders around. 20th, and making it look effortless.rudy
Looking consistant and dialed, Ruaridh Cunningham inside the Top 20 with a great 19th place finish.

Marcelo Gutierrez. It’s a long way from Columbia to Lourdes and ‘Celo most definitely had the best sketchy moment of the weekend in the steep chute.

Eddie Masters may be known for his shenanigans but he’s a smart cookie is Edward. #eddieandchapsforparliment

Not his typical result, Greg Minnaar ended the week in 15th. This off-track excursion in practice perhaps foretold the tale. Yet, we all know what happened last year. Don’t count him out.

Quiet and unassuming, Loris Vergier is actually a wildman on a bike.

Always fast and always finishing well, Florent Payet kept to his usual ways with a 12th place.

11th place for Bernard Kerr and ‘ballin in his Range Rover.

Brendan Fairclough is on form this season. Despite not being able to ride the warm up rollers, he put his Surry Hills training to good use. 10th.

Mayhem Media, not causing mayhem for once. Mayhem Media, not causing mayhem for once. Look out for an interview soon. This guy is DYNAMITE.


It is all coming together piece by piece for Connor Fearon. Sneaking into the top ten

The computer in the Di2 groupset on Brendan Fairclough's bike is more advanced than this phone.  Lourdes, a land lost in time. The computer in the Di2 groupset on Brendan Fairclough’s bike is more advanced than this phone. Lourdes, a land lost in time.

The quiet Canadian casually landed in 8th today. Mark Wallace is just getting started.

Enthusiastic fans abound. Enthusiastic fans abound. The partisan crowd were all about one man this weekend.

Gee Atherton couldn’t match his qualifying run with the drying track presenting a conundrum of sorts for riders who hadn’t ridden or for over 4 hours.

Ever the showman, Josh Bryceland threw some style for good measure on his way to 6th place. Relaxed and throwing 50:01 vibes.

It’s going to be a hotly contested season. Troy Brosnan into 4th today. Specialized have the potential to dominate.

Danny Hart put on a clinic this weekened. Still travelling to races in his motor home and keeping the spirit alive. 3rd and charging for the Redcar rocket.

Steve Smith, 2nd place. Hell yeah. He’s back.


The upset of the weekend. Watch the footage; 14th. He’s humble and totally crackers. You can’t help but be a fan.


…this season is going to be mental. Gwin, #1 in Elite Men.


The first pope of DH. The finish line scenes were a story in themselves. While Gwin quietly got interviewed, everyone flocked to Loic.


Gwin seems to really enjoy winning the opening rounds!

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