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Lourdes WC: Qualifying Action

  •  Reportage, World Cup DH

Nightmare Fuel; The crowds here sure are spirited.

Nightmare Fuel; The crowds here sure are spirited.

Stanislav Sehnal

The track conditions were not in the rider’s favor. Stanislav Sehnal, ejecting.
Baptiste Pierron
World Cup heckling is a sport of its own. Baptiste Pierron gets the 3rd Degree.
Corey Watson
Qualifying is qualifying, and first-year Junior, Corey Watson will get to race Finals in his debut year – 29th.
Magnus Manson
The big Canadian, Magnus Manson looks like he is starting to find his stride. In at 19th.
Brage Vestavik
Viking Man Child, Brage Vestavik makes an impressive WC debute in 11th.
Kaos Seagrave
It’s not everyday we see passing on inside lines, but Kaos Seagrave made it happen, slotting into 9th while doing so.
Jackson Frew
Jackson Frew is a force-on-the-rise. 5th, and just warming up.
Vaea Verbeeck
Getting caught in the netting in an off-track excursion, Vaea Verbeeck pushed hard to the line for the last “Q” position; 20th, and going onto The Big Show for Sunday.

Tracey Hannah

Tracey Hannah set the track on fire here last year, and clearly looking to do the same in ’16, put down some serious power, snapping her chain…Tracey Hannah
…bummed out, but still in at 14th.
Alia Marcellini
Rocking one of the more stylish liveries on track, Alia Marcellini fashionably finished in 10th.
Eleonora Farina
Sporting an excellent side-braid, Eleonora Farina kept it steady today for a solid 9th place qualifier.
Jana Bartova
The former MX racer, Jana Bartova held it wide-open into 7th.

Veronika Widmann

Loose and wild, Veronika Widmann held on for a wicked 6th.
Morgane Charre
The rider with the fiercest gaze, Morgane Charre lasered her way into 5th today.
After a challenges in practice and timed training, Manon Carpenter rallied like a true champion and smashed down the track for 3rd.
Rocking the fresh Rainbows, Rachel Atherton looked like she was back home in Wales today. 2nd.


1st. Tahnee Seagrave was admittedly surprised with the result after having a 6+ second off in her run – a true testimate to the pace she has found here in France.
Craig Evans
About damn time…Craig Evans, making it into Finals with a 53rd.
Steve Peat
Dropping 100 off his starting number board, Steve Peat is back where he should be (the Finals); 48th.Brook
The “Hardman Award” goes to Brook MacDonald here at Lourdes. Hitting the deck hard, but hitting back even harder, he clawed back into 47th.
Laurrie Greenland
First year Elite, Laurie Greenland showed maturity and compsure, riding smart and steady into 45th today.


Watch this space; Kenta Gallagher in 44th, and only getting faster.
Rupert Chapman rode a smart and steady run into 38th, with plenty left in the tank.
Adam Brayton
Mr.Gas To Flat, Adam Brayton is looking very comfortable on his new bike, and the results have followed: 37th.
Mick Hannah is into his 15th season as a WC pro. A few bumps and a sore shoulder didn't stop him from making it into the main.
Mick Hannah is into his 15th season as a WC pro. A few bumps and a sore shoulder didn’t stop him from making it into the main.
Greg Minnaar apparently came off in the high speed up told, but got back into the groove for 32nd. Legend.
joe Connel
Joe Connel has been steadily finding pace and consitancy. 30th, and looking focused.
Benoit Coulanges
Benoit Coulanges wasn’t messing around today, and let it hang loose all the way into 28th today.
Sam Dale
The Big Unit, Sam Dale has been on a charge all week; 26th.


Looking confident and composed, Neko Mullaly is starting off the season in a strong fashion: 22nd.
Amaury Pierron
For those who pay closer attention to the result sheets, seeing Amaury Pierron in 19th is not a surprise – climbing the ladder in 2016.
Phil Atwill is riding like a new man, and it’s rad. 18th.
Thomas Estaque
Just trying to qualify is a battle. Thomas Estaque pushing the limits into 17th.
Alex Fayolle
Showing incredible potential, and riding like a seasoned pro, Alex Fayolle stomped into 11th.
Even the best make mistakes: Aaron Gwin making a save and still managing 10th – impressive.
Loris Vergier
Loris Vergier doesn’t say a whole lot and isn’t know for causing a stir…until he gets on a bike that is: turning heads in 9th.
Connor Fearon is on the cuspt of greatness. 8th and the third rider in the Top Ten rocking flat pedals.
Marcelo Gutierrez
Right where he should be, Marcelo Gutierrez slotted into 7th today, picking up where he left off in ’15 – more to come from him without a doubt.

Brendan Fairclough

Flat pedals and spikes – the classic combo. Brendan Fairclough reminding the doubters – 6th.
Composed and precise, Troy Brosnan is doing his arm sleeve justice this week.
Even when it wasn’t quite going right, Troy Brosnan held on tight, right into 5th.
Seeing Steve Smith in 4th is fantastic – he is back to his usual self and charging hard.


Opting for the “Man Huck”, Gee Atherton hit the boost button and sent the rock huck into 3rd.
As casual at it gets, Josh Bryceland smirking is way into 2nd.
New year, new helmet, new setup; Same speed. Let’s hope Loic can maintain his insane gap tomorrow.


If you’re betting against Loice Bruni, you’re doing it wrong. 1st, by a country mile.

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