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Lourdes WC | Practice Day 1

  •  Reportage, World Cup DH


With unpredictable weather, grip levels and a heap of old faces on new steeds, practice day 1 was always going to be interesting here at Lourdes.

Let Zach Faulkner, our own MTBjesus, tell you the story from today through some amazing imagery.


The day started like this, and ended like this.
Traction was the name of the game today.
Which way to the gnar?


World Cup racing happens in the Summer, but apparently no one told the weather…snowy peaks all around this morning.
Don’t call it a “Come Back” – Marc Beaumont looking right at home in the muck.
First-year Junior, Kaos Seagrave, finding the grease first run down.
The chilly slop was challenging even the most elite of riders. Manon took her time coming to terms with the track.

Sandra Rubensam

She won us over in Andorra by riding in a tie-die hoodie, and Sandra Rubensam was back at it here today in Lourdes.
Visibly faster than a big chuck of the riders on track, Simen Smestad drew the eye of everyone trackside.
The Legend, Steve Peat, putting in the early work in Group B practice. After sitting out with injury for most 2015, Steve is back in his last year of racing, and looking like he never missed a beat.


Steve Peat, and Craig Evans: always up for a laugh.
Mark Wallace quietly went about destroying the track today.
Vaea Verbeck has been making steady progress through the ranks in the past few years, and she’s looking strong here in 2016.


Joe Connel looked comfortable right from the get-go, and held pace all day.
Dean Lucas
New team, new confidence; Dean Lucas didn’t seem to have any trouble with the wild and loose conditions.


The dangerman with the #1, Aaron Gwin cruised around today clearly not in any rush to over-ride the French grease.
Matt Walker made quick work of the track today and got right into the mix.
Finding his stride, Kenta Gallagher is one to watch this year – a true wildcard.
Eliot Jackson spent the winter training in Queenstown, NZ and it’s showing in his riding.
The madman himself, Phil Atwill was the only rider today sending this blind gap over the rocks.
Danny Hart was the fastest rider in several sections today – keep an eye on the Redcar Rocket this weekend.
Isak Levison
Focused and steady, Isak Levison seems to have found his recipe for success.


Running the full-factory program this year, Fraser McGlone is riding with a new-found vigor here at Lourdes.
With a new bike and an off-season in Queenstown, Phil Atwill is on a mission out on track.
Strong is as strong does – Gee Atherton muscling the new steed into place on the Wall of Doom.
If there is anyone on track who looks like they could do a race run immediately, Loic Bruni is that person; Dialed and blindingly fast today.
Josh Bryceland
Hair a-flowing and kit looking fresh, Josh Bryceland looked his usual self all day.


Classic style, Troy Brosnan isn’t messing about here in Lourdes, and has been riding full-chat everywhere.


Composed as ever, Greg Minnaar seemed unphased by the ever-changing track conditions.


With a new bike, a team of mates, and an off-season back home, Brook MacDonald is brimming with power and deft handling.


Check that lean angle! Connor Fearon, winning the Bar Drag Bounty for the weekend.
Tahnee Seagrave, not to be outdone, gives Connor a run for the money in corner bashing.
benoit Coulanges
Rocking some more subtle colors and a new team, Benoit Coulanges kept it low and quick everywhere he went.
Alex Fayolle
From Privateer of the Year to Full Factory, Alex Fayolle was on a mission today to show everyone why he’s deserving of the new ride.


Loic Bruni hit this section so, so fast…that’s all there is to say really.

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