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First Impressions: Maxxis Tyres

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Being one of the biggest tyre companies in the world , supplying motorbikes, cars and bicycles; Maxxis know their rubber. Distributors Extra UK sent us some of their freshest samples to tear up some dirt with.

Maxxis offer a range of compounds from the durable 60 to the Super Tacky 42a to the 3C , available in single and dual ply DH casing.  For 2016 they have released the “Double Down” editions which claim to have stronger, more puncture sidewalls than their EXO range aimed at the Enduro market .

The Shorty . You’d think this tyre was designed specifically for the UK with its chunky, cut spike design suited for when things get wet , loose and sloppy , just how we like it over here . Steve Peat and the Syndicate riders spec the tire in dry dusty conditions aswell, so a tyre for all things loose, like Ratboy himself .


The tread pattern is aggressive and wide spaced for clearing the clag , yet the knobs are cut with a wide flat edge which looks like they’ll catch decent grip on wet rocks etc unlike traditional spikes that turn a rooty section into an ice rink .


The Minion. A jack of all trades with its close packed centre tread allowing for decent rolling speed, coupled with shoulder tread for good bite in “mixed conditions”(most of the time in the UK, unless it’s muddy as hell..) .


Does the “F” mean front ? Whatever it stands for; lots of riders, including Sam Hill back in the day, use a Minion a DHF front and rear.


The High Roller II. The original High Roller was a classic , using a design that echoed the epic Michelin Comp 16. Another all rounder and according to Maxxis the tyre leans towards the drier end in comparison to the Minion.


The mk II High Roller has an altered tread pattern to improve braking, cornering traction and rolling speed.


Like a loyal car owner, lots of riders have a brand of tyre that they stick and are don’t want to make the move to a different manufacturer. Look out for an old school tyre shoot out in the coming weeks, where we’ll be looking to find out what tyres from the current big tyre brands offer the best rolling speed, weight, durability and most importantly , grip,  for the money.

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