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First Impressions: Origin pedals.

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Lukan from Origin first got in touch thanks to UK downhiller and my one time race rival Rob Smith. ( Though I spent most of my time on the wrong end against Rob! )

As polite as they come, Lukan outlined his background in Engineering and how he had started Origin from a small set up out in Bulgaria.

It was just the type of thing we love – A bloke with some solid PHD credentials and a bit of get up and go. We readily agreed to take a look over his new pedals that had jut entered production.

Upon arrival in a nicely packaged white box ( we would have preferred black packaging to add to the “high end” feel ) the pedals instantly looked quality, and the obligatory bearing spin test left us with a wry smile – they felt good and Lukan had obviously sourced good bearings for the axle.


Being offered in a range of colours, we chose the royal blue. The finish was pristine and they have held up well after being thrown around In a few boxes and bags at 37,000ft on their way to New Zealand. They’ve also stood up well to initial trail use, and they’ll be going onto a DH bike in the next week or so.

The pins were underside fitting with a nice allan head – well protected and should you collide with any rocks they are easy to get out and replace.


Fitting had to be done with the 15mm pedal spanner as there was no allan key installation in the axle – a point we raised with Lukan and he has duly taken on board.

The laser etching was another dividing point, with most of us preferring to see it on the front profile rather than foot platform but this was a minor detail and affects aesthetics only.

Grip is great and we can’t fault the profile and shape of the pedal, and they feel very smooth and consistent.

We’ll continue to test them out over the next few months but at this stage we’re saying a very solid 8/10 as a first impression.

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