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Frisky Fraser – Sorry Frisky Friday with Fraser Mcglone!

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Now here’s a man I know pretty well. Back in the day, sat at the top of the hill as the last riders down at an SDA, we’d chat about who we simply had to beat from earlier runs in the day. One of the names that would constantly crop up was Fraser Mcglone. Not that we had anything against the lad, it’s just as an Expert or Elite, you really can’t have a Youth rider beating you.

Unbelievably fast since landing upon mother earth, which he’d tell you was centred around Oban, Fraser has been a staple part of the UK dh scene for a fair few years now, despite being just 21. A lover of all things Scotland, fast and bavarian ponies, we fired Fraz ten probing questions….


DW: Right then Fraz the Razz! Lets start with something serious. You had some big moments last year in the Pyrenees then in the highlands and it looked like Flying Fraz was truly motoring. Those were strong strong results. Give me a quick run down of those first two races and then your still good, but not quite at the level…..

The season started off as you said really well with my two strongest results yet, everything just came together in preparation and then the confidence started rolling I suppose! Rest of the season was up and down with some illness’ and the likes upsetting the flow of things but overall was the best season I’ve had yet, but always room for improvement!

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 23.16.24

And you’ve got Morzines very own Connor Mgregor training you. Chris Kilmurray from Point1 certainly knows his stuff and he seems to suit your package . Tell us some of his secrets or is it all top secret Irish wizardry?

Totally top secret, if you want answers you would need to speak to Father Ted himself!

Any good stories from your summer break in Morzine? Don’t be shy!

Well apart from shredding the dusty trails for the week, one armed Tommy ( you! ) and myself were being followed then chased by two guys carrying barriers down the main street of Morzine, only to be saved by a man walking an enormous dog! Strange I know, and for Tommy to lose his ability to speak english and revert to a geordie’s idea of french the whole time this was happening! ( Editor: This story cannot be verified ! )

Now your’e old boy Derek is a man not be trifled with and it seems your a chip off the old block. Kenta Gallagher told me you model yourself on Will from the film Good Will Hunting?

Only got one question for you, do you like apples?


And you’ve got a thing for VW’s too….
Oh yeah, learned to drive in the T5 before it got hit by fake tan and turned orange! Then ended up getting my hands on a 1990 MK2 Scirocco back in 2013 and once the season finished got it back on the road and still love razzing around in it! Now dad’s just about finished his project with a MK1 Golf which just looks so mean, some very minor mods, like an engine swap for one with a turbo!

Funniest thing you saw at a World Cup in 2015?

Can there really be a funniest moment?


Aims for 2016?

Wanting to race all the WC rounds, keep improving on the results I’ve had this year, have an amazing time, OH and stay awake at the wheel!

Top three tunes.

Top three tunes?! Jesus you’ve got me there, if you’ve ever been in the van heading to one of the races this year the nations favourite Fleetwood Mac CD has done more laps than the lifts in Morzine! And is still in there as we speak! But keeping to the race theme on tune choice, Kenta’s iPod was full of the golden tunes and have to say the theme tune to MSA and Windham trip was Marvin Gaye lets get it on, it’s cool we are all on the same wave length when it comes to our sexuality haha!

Given you live in Port Appin you must be a dab hand with the fishing rod? Adam Brayton told me he could out fish any Scotsman alive. Are we going to see a cast off at the lake at Lenzerheide WC in 2016?

I’ve only ever been fishing once! But do the occasional bit of work on the fish farms around the west coast, so I could supply the salmon for the rod n reel world champs maybe?!

Ok, so you’ve seen a bit of the world now. If you could choose the best bits from any track you chose and make it into one big track, what parts would you use?

I really don’t know! But if someone knows of a mountain and a digger driver to get this done I’m sure they would be in demand for building tracks forever more!

Credit: Zach Faulkner.

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