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Fresh Produce | Ethic Watches, Tee’s and Snapback

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As a brand, Ethic have been quietly building for the last few years.

Firstly their watches caused a stir with the simple, clean lines being the preferred watch of Sam Blenkinsop and Innes Graham. These soon caught on but Andy, the man behind Ethic, is not a bloke to stand still and has gently refined them to where they are now.

Sam Blenkinsop runs Ethic and rides like this…..Photo copyright: @zachfaulkner

On top of that they have just released some soft goods that were kindly sent through for us to have a look at and we have to say at first look it’s certainly ticking the boxes.

Its also good to know they are mountain biking through and through, and while it may not matter to some, this brand has a solid integrity behind it.

The premium products we were sent are the new AB watch and the ST watch. Both these watches feature Silicone strap, 3ATM Waterproof, Interchangable face and strap (with the ST & DV model), Date Feature and some pretty neat touches. The rear side of the watch face has a nice etched design on it and the strap locators have ” Ethic” moulded into them. Small touches that add that extra piece of style.

The ST, pictured as white, is limited to 100 so you’ll be getting something quite unique. Both watches are retailing at £50, which given the detail, we think to be quite reasonable.





The soft goods are an entirely new range and the T shirt designs are simple, classic and important 100% cotton. Granted its not organic cotton for those into that, but they feel nice, the weight is good and fit, one of the most important elements in my mind, is pretty good – relaxed but fitted ever so slightly.

The design is also up my street, bold yet not offensively in your face and I’d feel pretty cool wearing this down the local boozer.

We were sent the maroon and charcoal colours, again to my liking of not to bright ( I was always of fan of Keith Richards, not the loudest Rolling Stone but the one who stood out the most to me! ), but they are also available in jade and white. £20 quid won’t break the bank either.




Lastly and a staple part of many mountain bikers wardrobe, the flat peak cap. Yes flat peaks have been hi-jacked a little by boy racers flashing some neon but I still think if worn as part of the right ensemble you can make them work.

This snapback is the Yupong Classic version with a 3D puff foam embroidery. Fit is good and the peak isn’t one of those that stab at your forehead, but feels fairly light on the old turnip.They come in at the fairly standard £25.00.



For those that have made it this far, Ethic are offering a 20% discount by simply entering ” DESCENT ” when checking out

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