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New Enduro Mountain Biking association

Organisers of Enduro races around the UK met recently in Manchester, and thrashed out a framework and common rulebook to ensure the long term future of Enduro racing in the UK.


The new body that’s been created is to be called BEMBA (British Enduro Mountain Biking Association).

The group has representatives from the ‘Ard Rock, British Enduro Series, Enduro1, Manx MTB Enduro, Mini Enduro, NDH, PMBA Enduro Series, Scottish Enduro Series, South West Enduro Series, Southern Enduro Series, Tweedlove, UK Enduro Series, UKGE, Welsh Enduro Series and Welsh Gravity Enduro Series. 3X World Enduro Champion Tracy Moseley has also served as a consultant.


Don’t worry about rigid proscription though. The guidelines are still flexible enough, but you thanks to BEMBA you should also find similar attitudes to taping, signage, marshalling and medical cover whichever race or series you race from now on.

Kev Duckworth is the man behind the popular PMBA series: “We’ve noticed a need for a governing body since British Cycling pulled out of Enduro racing, and it’s been genuinely amazing to see the amazing level of cooperation between all the interested parties. Everyone has met up, agreed on a course of action and actually done it; it’s fantastic.”

We’ll keep you updated with more information as and when we get it.

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