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Frisky Friday – Jacob Dickson

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In terms of featuring ” rising talent “, at the start of the season we earmarked Jacob and were keen to follow his progress around the globe. As a last year junior, it would be interesting to see how he performed. Perform he did, and in our mind he must already be up there as one of the most successful Irish riders ever, with multiple podiums and race victories this year. With Greg Callaghan on a charge in the EWS and Jacob making the move up into senior World Cup racing this year, the future looks rosy for the Irish contingent.

Spending 2015 riding for Dirt Orange, we aren’t sure if Jacob was initiated into the Scruff club, but he certainly managed to make the art of having a craic and going blindingly fast look remarkably easy.

Photo: Jon Beckett

Descent-World: Righto Jacob, a pretty solid year this season past. It’s been a while since the emerald isle had a male WC or world champs podium of any sort?

Ye, I’m really happy with this season it’s been a while all right. I think Ben was the last one before me.

And we’re hearing down the grapevine that you don’t have a ride for next year?

Ye, funny you say that… came as a bit of a shock to me as well but sure hey that’s the way sport works.

Andorra, 2015. Photo: @tommyawilkinson

Now back in the day the likes of John Lawlor, Glynn o’brien and Colin Ross had a fair reputation for some lightning crack at the after parties, how’s the irish dh party scene these days?

It’s actually pretty quiet a the moment..all the auld party animals have tied the knot and started families but there’s still a few young shredders out there though. The craic at the new trail centres here in Northern Ireland is pretty good though. There’s a big emphasis on youth development here in Rostrevor and I’m currently coaching a group of little rippers every Sunday for Rostrevor Mountain Bike Club….good to give a little back and keep them away from that bad auld party scene 🙂 Keeps the girl friend happy too LOL!!!

Did we mention he was blindingly quick? Photo: @tommyawilkinson

It used to be that there was a good amount of lottery funding for Irish riders, but with that dried up, is it fair to say its harder for young irish riders to get noticed due to the traveling costs?

That’s for sure!!! That pots empty, along with many other forms of funding but it’s great the ferry companies work with us by offering discounts to teams and regular service users. They also do great deals through out the year. Here is Rostrevor, the uplift company, East Coast Adventure sponsor a group of young riders and myself which is a great help.

And your Da Mark is a bit of legend, can he give you a run for your money on the pedals?

Legend…..LOL…don’t tell him that.. no seriously if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have had the opportunities I have had to follow my dream and still encouraging me to this day. Still a weapon on the road bike…..could out peddle me for miles..

Jacobs Da Mark – top bloke and has the craic down to a fine art! Photo: Jon Beckett

Since the inception of the junior category the younger riders have really stepped their professionalism. Is it nature or nurture where you’re concerned?

You want to win today, you got to work hard. I actually think the level of professionalism and product development in the sport today is pushing up performance.

Phil Atwill, he’s a bit of a character. Any good stories you can give us from this season past?

Well…not sure where to start…there was an incident with a sheep………………..”What happens on tour, stays on tour”

Top three tunes?

Muse – Undisclosed Desires, Lapsley – Hurt Me, EazyE – Cruisin in my 64


Mont St Anne. Photo @zachfaulkner

The northern irish accent just got voted the sexiest male accent. Ever use it to get you out of trouble, or into it for that matter?

You better believe it mucker!

Lastly, on a more serious note, you must have some aims for the future. Where do you see yourself in two-three seasons?

Top 10 overall Elite
World Champ
World Cup Overall Champ

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