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Suss My Bike – Suspension tuning.

We picked up this story after our man Ian Linton was digging through Youtube for gold.

So we got in touch with Alan Mason, the brains behind this potentially revolutionary product.

We’ll be providing an in depth feature soon but for the moment take a look at the words, video and images below.

“SussMyBike is a device that monitors mountain bike suspension and provides the rider with feedback on how to improve their performance.

Alan explains further “We have designed SussMyBike to address a pain point for many riders who want to set up their bikes effectively. Tuning the suspension on your mountain bike for best results can take hours of trial and error and lots of head scratching.

“SussMyBike – developed with support from the Mountain Bike Centre of Scotland (MBCOS) and Edinburgh and Napier Universities – takes away the guesswork and gives you the facts to adjust your bike properly. “


SussMyBike is a small electronic device that fits on the bike and analyses the suspension, then tells the rider the best settings to use via a smartphone app. The gadget will work on virtually all mountain bike using air or coil shocks (front and rear).

Sussmybike V5

“We have had input from great engineers with experience in materials and electronics design and positive feedback from riders ranging from novices to professional Enduro World series riders who will put SussMyBike through its paces out on the trails. We still have some final tweaks to do so we hope a successful crowdfund will get us over the finishing line by providing the funds to bring this exciting new product to market.”

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