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NDH Kidland Enduro.

NDH Kidland Enduro.

Words and Photos: Jerry Tatton / JWDT photography

Anyone who knows Kidland, knows this enduro race is not one for the faint hearted!

It is steep; very steep in places and with a reputation that makes many a rider wonder if they are capable of racing here.

However, those that race this venue, know that it will be one awesome day!

Kidland is off limits normally, as it is private forestry land in the centre of the wild and remote Northumberland National Park .

Yet Carl Davison, NDH organiser, has managed to maintain the area as a great race venue in the calendar despite its remote location.


On the 4th October, 100 riders had signed up for the race to test their skills and determination.

The weather had been amazing for two weeks leading up to the race, dry and slightly breezy; rarely has this area been raced in dry and dusty conditions!

The steep off camber stages proved challenging for many, as the dusty conditions provided a different kind of sketchy surface compared to usual slick roots and rocks.

It is always clearly noticeable how much thought and effort goes into the planning and design of the stages here.


The format was simple, 2 stages to be raced twice by each rider, meaning a total calculated time from 4 stages in total. There may have only been 2 different stages, but the vast majority of each stage was technical and steep, and required full concentration from top to bottom, or else you’d be eating dirt and dust in no time!

All in all, 87 riders challenged themselves. The fastest rider down in a stunning 8:51:59 was Michael Easton – There was a 13:58:13 difference between the fastest and slowest rider outlining the technical nature of this race!

NDH Kidland practice -72

I witnessed the slowest rider having several minor offs, but to give her full credit, each and every time she dusted herself of, laughed at herself and battled on in admirable determination!!

Next years event will be a beast! A 2 day event utilising a bigger area in this awesome setting will surely help put the North East on the map and bring a smile to many more riders faces.

Stay rubber side down!

NDH Kidland st 4 -12

NDH Kidland practice -71


NDH Kidland practice -19

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