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Photofolio: Ian Linton

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As part of a new series we thought we’d bring you 15 of our contributing tog’s favourite images that they’ve taken.

We have a few freelance contributors here at Descent-World, but by far the two longest serving are owner Jon Beckett and Photographer Ian Linton.

Ian has been shooting images of bikes for around 12 years now, and many racers will recognise those deep borders dulcet tones coupled with the rasp like fire from his Canon 1D.

Published in Dirt, MBUK, MBR, Wideopen mag, Singletrack and more, Ian is regarded as the go-to tog for anything Tweed Valley related. He rides a bit too, so he knows just what trails to take you on to get that shot of you riding the saddle with fear in your eyes!

Perhaps best known as a race photographer, Ian is so much more than that, as hopefully this set will demonstrate.

Get your mug of tea out and enjoy 15 rippers from the ” Lintonator” himself.

All images ©ianlinton

Winter riding up here in Scotland is something you just do, it’s cold but it’s fun. For a while I’d been wanting to get a few good shots of the trails in winter and actually managed to get out and do it. This image was taken on the descent down from the tower at Glentress heading along the black route. I met these 4 guys at the top and after the usual bikers banter and bike checks they headed off on there ride, I stayed back as I’d seen the potential of a decent photo – thanks guys and this image ended up in What Mountain Bike as a readers photo.  

In 2011 the Fort William trail guru’s built this road gap feature which had a lot of top riders thinking hard on line choice when they did the track walk. Here we see Chris Ball getting a prime view of Brendog whipping it down into the steep landing.

In 2014 the Tweed Valley’s awesome  Tweedlove biking festival brought the EWS series to the UK for the first time, here we have a shot high up on the Minch moor XC trail with Mark Scott and Josh Lewis pinned on a practice run down said trail.

Until a few years ago these hills above the Golf course were pretty much used by locals that knew where the trails were, now it’s used for races. This image almost never was as the weather forecast was dire and it was only Saturday practice of the Scottish Enduro Series. To hell with the weather I really wanted some good big valley shots so grabbed the camera bag and headed up to Stage 1 with the bike – sat about in the howling wind and drizzle waiting on the first riders. 30 seconds of decent light and that was it shot in the bag and got soaked on the way back down.

Photography for me isn’t just about action shots. This photo is about capturing the last of the warm sun setting over where I live – Innerleithen. The stone cairns mark the spot where an ancient Iron Age hilltop settlement used to stand, carvings by sculptress Mary Kenny, who lives in the town, are mounted on top of the cairns and tell the story of Innerleithen from the Iron Age to the present day. 

Aonach Mòr, what better place in the world to be on a sunny cloudless day. CRC rider Matti Lehikoinen hits the first hip jump in front of the gondola station with that awesome backdrop.

Had to include a photo of the legend that is Steve Peat. Here we have him in his “foot out flat out” enduro mode,  Stage 2 at Glentress EWS 2014

Josh “Ratboy” Bryceland had his ups and downs last year but you can bet he’ll be back on it big time in 2015. Here he is riding flat out on the steep berms in an SDA event last year at Innerleithen – he’s been coming here for as long as he’s been racing, even back in the day when there used to be a 3 race winter series.

Picnic tables at the top of the Red route at Glentress, resting spot just before you descend down into “Spooky Wood” It’s a photo I’d been wanting to take for a while but never really got the time when the weather was playing ball.  Anyway one frosty night last winter it came together and it’s now ticked off the bucket list – but now I’ve got another idea… 

Rab Wardell’s pained expression says it all, 70 odd Kms into the British XC marathon and you have this gruelling last climb before the descent down into Selkirk from the 3 Brethren – good effort by all who take part in this event as it’s a beast of a course.

Not much to say about this shot but I just liked it, after 12 years of shooting on the Aonach it’s kinda hard to find a new angle on the hill but this one is a nice simple effective one with a bit roost.

This image was part of a photoshoot for Singletrack Magazine issue 97. The article was to showcase the natural tweed trails we locals use.  This was the last shot of the day – steep single track down the face of The Rocky with town of Innerleithen as a backdrop.

Not quite a 1/8th pan shot but hey I’ll happily admit I’m not a big fan but maybe that’s because I’m not that good at them haha. I liked this shot of Taylor Vernon because of the colours and you can quite clearly see he’s pinned as per. 

This image was pure right place right time luck, we were heading up Caberston one morning to get a few shots up on the top of Priesthope for some Tweed Valley PR.  We just started the climb and were met by this sight of the rising mist from the warm morning sun on the wet muddy roads.

Ruaridh Cunningham pinned on that big berm at Ae Forest British Champs 2010. Have so many shots of him to choose from but thought I’d go for this one in the pissing wet conditions and it was another pan shot…

Only a select few of us know where this trail is – Locally there is a group of like minded people who are the OETKB crew and every now and again we run little ride outs/#notarace days – This was one of those #notarace days, it was a tad frosty but the early morning sun on stage 1 just made this shot sweet..

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