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Fabio Wibmer on Rasoulution books.

Munich, April 28th 2015 – The born and raised bike enthusiast, Fabio Wibmer from east Austria is quickly building a reputation for his big lines and huge tricks. The Munich based sports agency rasoulution, noticed the nineteen year old’s talent to anything with two wheels. No matter what the wheel size, with or without suspension, Fabio is certainly not afraid to “go big” and is a clear crowd pleaser in Danny MacAskill’s Drop and Roll Tour live shows. In short, Fabio is the modern day mountain bike ‘renaissance man’.


Fabio has skills! Credit: Dave Robinson

Fabio has skills! Credit: David Robinson

It’s not everyday a rider comes along that can let it rip, no matter what the bike discipline. Fabio is widely considered as a rising star in the Trials scene. Mentored by Danny MacAskill himself, the young Austrian is already a key rider in Danny’s Drop and Roll live trial shows. “Being on Danny’s team is still like a big dream for me. As an upcoming rider it is very exciting and awesome to ride with an Internet sensation like Danny because he was actually the reason why I started trials biking. The atmosphere in the team is very good too and it’s always so much fun doing shows and hanging out with them.” Fabio Wibmer will be performing with Danny MacAskill’s Drop and Roll Tour this week on May 1st and 2nd presented by Livigno, at the Riva Bike Festival.

When he is not flipping, spinning and doing 120cm-plus bunny hops on his 24-inch Inspired street trials bike, Fabio loves to rip it up on his big bike. His collection is one most can only dream of: “At the moment I have seven bikes – 3 Inspired, a brakeless Inspired, an Echo trials bike, a downhill bike, an enduro bike, a regular mountain bike and an awesome ladies bike! I nearly have every bike I want, but I wouldn’t mind adding a nice BMX to the collection. All my bikes help me develop my riding skills.”


Fabio on drop and roll duties. Credit: Dave Mackinson

Fabio on drop and roll duties. Credit: Dave Mackinson

Last year, “just for giggles” he entered the UCI Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup stop in Leogang, Austria. Despite not qualifying for the finals, the smile on his face as he crossed the finish line said it all! This is an athlete that has a bright future in mountain biking. Recognizing this talent, passion and sportsmanship was Tarek Rasouli, managing director of the Munich based sports agency, rasoulution. “The first time I saw Fabio was in 2012 when he entered the Red Bull Wings Academy which was a youth camp / meet & greet with Danny MacAskill. He was 16 back then and already extremely talented. Last year Danny chose Fabio to be part in his Drop & Roll Tour team, which to me is already a signal that Fabio’s got a bright future ahead of him. We are happy to have him among our great athletes. He is a really nice guy whose character fits well with all our athletes.” – comments Tarek Rasouli.

Fabio embraces everything about the new generation of bike athletes. His diversity is a great advantage and he uses social media to communicate with his fans and share all his latest tricks, big lines and dual-life as an ambitious student and passionate athlete. In just a few short years, Fabio has built a huge fan base including over 40,000 fans on Facebook and over 1,5 million views on his YouTube channel. “I think social media is more important than ever. Especially young athletes, can reach more people through social media platforms. You can show people your sport, skills and passion for riding. It is a great opportunity to keep fans and friends up to date and they can see what an athlete’s life is like. I personally love to show my fans what I do and keep them entertained with new videos and photos. Social media has definitely helped my career as a bike rider a lot. It gives me a feeling that people are interested in what I’m doing and it’s always a good motivation when you read comments from people all over the world.”

You can follow Fabio’s adventures and newest videos on his YouTube channel:

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