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Azonic – Too old to die young!

2Wheel-Distribution are proud the announce the re-launch of Azonic for 2014 with a new range of pedals, stems, bars, wheels and other components.

In 1989 O’Neal U.S.A. created the brand Azonic with the same energy and passion that started O’Neal in 1970. Both O’Neal and Azonic were pioneers in our industry, being the first to do what they do in their respective categories. O’Neal still own Azonic today and we’ve been working hard to re-launch and re-establish the brand for 2014.

As with the early days at O’Neal, we worked with top riders as the sport was developing to understand what they needed to perform at the highest level. No expense was spared in designing and producing the toughest components the cycling industry had ever seen back then. At first some critics thought that the products were over engineered, but soon though AZONIC’s quality products became standard equipment for top professional riders around the world.


Lots of you will remember your first Double-Wall bar or Shorty stem back in the ‘90s!

All the brands that followed did exactly that. They followed. They followed the original pioneers who created ground-breaking products for a new breed of rider and racer.

Back in the day there was really only one choice – if you were committed to riding then you rode AZONIC. Missy Giove, Steve Peat, Anne Caroline Chausson and Jason McRoy were just a few of the big names who flew the AZONIC flag.

We have been working hard to ensure that the new product line stays true to this original belief, working with today’s riders to understand what they now need to push the boundaries even further.

Re-launched for 2014, this is just the start. We’re excited about what the next 25 years has to bring!

An overview of the range can be found here with retail prices on the poster version:

Full Azonic 2014 catalogue

Azonic range overview inc. pricing


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